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Memeville 0001 [Here we go Again]



(The Lazy) #2037



(The Lazy) #2039

But doctor. The weed helps me sleep

$2k falls out my pocket

Thats not mine. Must be yours right?


Oh, thank you. Looks like I lost that. Sorry, nothing I can do for you. Good day.

(The Lazy) #2041

Just report them for taking a bribe XD


or ye know teach them how to fix their own kneecaps XD

(The Lazy) #2043

I just got rick rolled in 2019


What bribe? The patient even said it was the doctor’s money :stuck_out_tongue:


oh trust him to put the wrong cd in the player, totally not on purpose. it happens to all of us XD


Please insert disc 3 to continue the installation.

(The Lazy) #2047

*But it only came with two.


combine both discs 1+2 and put them into the player, it will start the final boss.


Double sided discs.
The version of the South Park movie I have is like that. One side German, other side English.

(The Lazy) #2050

All of the ones ive have been either one side 4:3 and the other being 16:9

(The Drunken Dragon) #2051



lol is pretty much this, works every time XD

$ usermod -a -G wheel michael
bash: /usr/sbin/usermod: Permission denied

$ su -c "usermod -a -G wheel michael" root