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Memeville 0001 [Here we go Again]

(The Lazy) #2176

Closest thing we have is mt sunflower and thats just a gaint hill

(The Lazy) #2177

(The Lazy) #2178

Yep. Im in that part of youtube

The amount of effort is insane. Some of the marbles even have marble kids in the stands XD

(The Drunken Dragon) #2179

I watched last years MarbleLympics. Was pretty entertaining. Kind of like the laff-a-lympics that used to air on Boomerang back in the day but with marbles instead of classic cartoon characters.









[spoiler]Don’t do this lol[/spoiler]

(The Lazy) #2185

Dont do this with foil but do this with tape because some games play better in false docked mode


ye the tape mod is great but this not so much, its what you tell people you don’t like how to boot into RCM mode and is just pure evil hurting a poor little switch like that :frowning:


How come? And what is “false docked mode”?

(The Lazy) #2188

not docked mode. false tabletop mode. Its when the switch thinks that the joy cons are detached and its set down somewhere. Great for games that for you to use the touchscreen in portable mode


But if it thinks it’s docked, wouldn’t it turn up the performance cause it thinks it’s not depending on the battery anymore? (resulting in less battery life)

(The Lazy) #2190


Guess I’m just confused what’s what. Getting too old for young people’s consoles. Lemme play with a stick and hoop on the road.



[spoiler]also. There’s not a ton of useful new user welcome memes… Oh well. [/spoiler]


lel I want whatever she’s taking XD


Heavy medication, probably after getting a tooth pulled out.