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Rare, Strange, or Downright Interesting Hardware Thread (56K Unfriendly)


This thread is all about that weird piece of tech you found, or maybe own, that you’d like to share.

Non exclusive to PC hardware!


I posted this in the lounge earlier, but I’ll post it up here too. This AMD Socket G3 blank sample chip from around 2008.



Could simply be a machanical sample (I.E. blank PCB with pads and an IHS) but if this exists there must also exist a motherboard… And the 800 series chipset did support the necessary I/O to interface with this chip, since AMD dropped the project pretty late.

(**** Zoey ****) #3

Cray T3E compute Module, one or the Rare Water cooled ones


various ES GPUS:
GTX 680:

GTX 460 or gts 450 i forget that i gave most of the ones i had to @Fouquin


By far the rarest I’ve had is when i got two ES Quadro K6000s that were dated very early for kepler. pic below.





PGA478M (Merom) socket mini-ITX board with PCI, PCI-E 1x, and PCI-E 16x; as well as SATA, IDE, and 1.44MB floppy. There are less feature rich E-ATX boards than this little guy.

(The Lazy) #6

Could be a neat little DOS or legacy machine :thinking:



ATi Radeon X850 XT Platinum AGP. One of the very last designed-for-AGP enthusiast class graphics cards (before they switched to using AGP-PCI-E signal changers on the back of the cards).


Huh. Neat.


Oh hey look at that, he finally put the video up. Been helping him get the card running with the proper settings in benchmarks for a couple weeks.