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What are you currently listening too?


(The Lazy) #221

Some dream pop is always welcome :slight_smile:


oh nice something new to listen to. I hadn’t noticed the release. gonna have to get this on bandcamp now :smiley:

(The Drunken Dragon) #223

New Paul Wardingham album.
Finally got uploaded to youtube


Couple more weeks to go. Loving the heavier feel to this already.

Also this popped up in my recommended and I’m still not sure I’m totally on board with the rest of their music, but this song is pretty good. Not a fan of the vocalist though…

(The Lazy) #225



Great song, from time to time I find myself listening to this song quite a lot too when I hit my youtube playlist.


(The Lazy) #227

Thats also a great song but something about Emperor sends shivers down my back


For me I think it has a lot todo with the pacing of the song. the vocals and melody combine together in such a way that they complement each other perfectly, its hard to explain? its like they set each other up very well and leave enough time to each to shine.



Man, blasting music through my headphones really pumps some energy when getting close to 20h awake :joy:

Too bad I don’t drink anymore. This is one of the songs that’s perfect for getting drinking started.

Some more German. (fun fact: the drummer plays while standing; I’ve only seen that twice and both it was by Austrian/German drummers)

(The Drunken Dragon) #231


Much better video than the one with the Instagram (?) clips.


Album is out, got a little bit of everything for a 45m LP.

I know that a couple guys in the band are fairly techy dudes, and at least one is a gamer. Somebody may have been playing DOOM when they wrote the baselines for this album, especially evident in this instrumental.

Absolutely slamming riffs.


New music by ghostly kisses is always great to listen to :smile:


Had an urge to listen to Meteroa by Linkin Park again which probably my favourite album of theirs and I forgot just how good it is :smiley:

Also weirdly having a huge burst of nostalgia for GTA:SA as I used to listen to this soo much while playing that game XD

(The Lazy) #236



(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #238


Heard it first in a webm with a scene from Redline.

edit: there’s the AMV

(The Lazy) #240

Still one of my favorite songs