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What are you currently listening too?


(The Lazy) #281

Nothing as good as some batmetal :metal:




On Repeat.


If you ever wondered what pushed me to walk away from being mod & leader to focus on writing. This song is a part of the answer:


(The Lazy) #287

(Chown -R Us /base) #288

New toolz, best we have so far are these.


Also another great “classic”.

The King Gizz addiction is real.


(The Drunken Dragon) #291

(The Drunken Dragon) #292

(The Lazy) #293

that video is just nothing but a series of “How much more drum do they bring out?”


Got this and a few other FFDP albums recently:


I need to listen to more Avatar again.


Gives me kind of a “nostlagy” feeling.
[spoiler] yes, I know it’s “nostalgic” but that’s not quite the right feeling [/spoiler]
Also, have spoiler tags changed?


The spoiler tags were a plugin and it was never added back after the name change.

(The Lazy) #298

Its getting added back in when we need to update the docker container


Very chill electronic music. This song reminds me a lot of WipEout for the PlayStation 3, great game. I’d be almost tempted to pull it out if it wasn’t buried under a huge pile of stuff.

(The Lazy) #300

Yep. Still good