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So I’m getting somewhat of a collection again. I’m finding some differences in between tanks and I feel like making some posts.

This is just a starter, but heres what I plan to post about:

Batteries (Mods and Cells)
RDA’s (going to try a few soon)
RDTA’s (I want one)
Comparing Generations of Cleito’s (120 to Cleito MAX 2020 Edition)
Comparing High Wattage Tanks to High Resistance Tanks (Aspire Cleito 120 VS GeekVape Zeus Z1)
Comparing Coil Sizes
Different Types of Airflow Designs (and comparing package size, pro’s and cons)
And Comparing Mods to Other Mods

This’ll just be as I either get stuff or when I’m bored. I’ll do a Cleito 120 V Zeus post here soon because I’m interested.



Im from the older days of vapes like 2010-2015 to quit nicotine and vapes as a whole so im into coil building and before regulated and mosfets got installed and before the downfall of direct connection tube mods

I have alot of knowledge on fixing hot spots on coils and dripping vapes

I was a new product representative for the company and i personally loved rda that have bottles built in and never over flow on juice they have gotten better over the years and imo are the best for flavor and cloud control large or small and you build your system and are not locked to buying coils and have a dripper with the convenience of a tank

Basically thr modern squank box vapes and it takes advantage of normal holes in manufacturing

There is more cleaning involved and coil building get a ohm meter or a vape 510 connector ohm meter

If your box does not have voltage regulator mosfet you have a bomb in ur hands

If you want help with lifofe based vapes hmu

Ohms Vs Watts, The Difference

So I have somewhat of a verdict on different ages of coils, how they work, and their affectivity. But I want to have a little whinge here for a moment before I talk about the Aspire Cleito 120 VS The GeekVape Zeus Z1.

I love that mods nowadays are basically tiny laptop power supplies. 200W, 42A, 8V, my Aegis X could start a small bike maybe. With that, I love that Tanks like the Cleito 120 exist that take that wattage and use it somewhat efficiently. However, if you have high wattage your coil heats differently compared to if it were high resistance. It heats at one end first, then back through the coil, rather than the whole coil heating uniformly.

With that, let me comment on the main difference in design between the 120 and the Z1. The 120 is built to be a heatsink, where the Z1 is built for high airflow.

With the Cleito, its coil is significantly larger. It doesn’t have as much airflow due to the top spout being so small, but it makes up for the low draw in wattage, heat stability, and that it has 3 intakes rather than 2. You can partially make this better with mesh coils that limit the 120 to 75 watts, but then you just have a 4.5ml Cleito Max and those kinda suck anyways.

The Z1 on the other hand is built to get as much air in and out as efficiently as possible. Its mesh coil has high resistance, higher than the cleito mesh coil, and gets hot NOW. With it being a tiny coil, and the juice ports being 2 tiny holes, you only need to worry about air.

The Z1 is designed in such a way to not spill, with air tubes going from top to bottom, sealed from any contact to the center chamber or coil. I want to call this internal airflow as the air is guided by ducts. The Cleito I will categorize as external airflow, as rather than ducting you’re just dumping air right into the coil and hoping for the best.

Because of these differences, you get 2 different results. Both of these are meant for clouds, however I will comment that the Z1 has better flavor. The downside though is the Z1 can burn up easily and quickly, even with good air in. The cleito however is built to handle that heat, and actually takes into consideration that to get a good cloud with a high watt low res coil the juice will need to be warm all the time. Thats why the whole body is Stainless Steel, it picks up heat easier and dumps it just as fast.

So the differences between high watt and high resistance is high watt you get big clouds but you have to let it warm up, high res you get all the good results you want but with quick to burn coils.

I like the cleito a lot more than the zeus personally.

Just got a freemax mesh pro and currently using the stock dual coils on it, .2 ohm and 60-80w. Eventually getting a new box mod but for now the geekvape will do. But for far it’s miles ahead of the stock Geekvape and it’s easier to prime and refill so pretty happy with it. Flavor is also much better will see how long the coils end up lasting me.

Thoughts on current dual battery box mods? What ones are good, etc? I’ll probably be looking to get one that’s able to do something in the 60-120 watt range since that’s what this setup has coils for. There’s also rba coils available for this tank which I may try at some point.

Personally I had a voopoo drag and if I could have anything I want another voopoo drag. Some fucking chud stole it out of my car though.

If you want good construction, go with a Drag Mini or Drag 2, or look at Geekvape. The Aegis X is about 68-75 by itself. I don’t look at other companies because of drop ratings. As well, every single part inside of a voopoo drag is replaceable, so you can keep those going for forever if you’re careful and not a fuckin idiot and get it stolen outta your car.

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I do want to note I am gaining an iterest in mechanical tube mods, and craker mods. Mech mods might get too scary for sometho, so if I get a broadside or a BHE I’ll let ya’ll know.

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