Cinebench Results Thread - Share Your Scores!

You know the drill.

  1. Download Cinebench R15 here
  2. Click File in the top left
  3. Check Advanced benchmark
  4. Run all selected tests
  5. Snap a pic and drop it here!

Share any relevant info such as CPU voltage, temps, OC and other such minutia below the image if you are so inclined.


incoming large amount of results
mostly screenshots with relevant infos
Xeon ES 14core iirc



i7 920




i7 640m

i5 520m

stock 1800x

4ghz 1800x
(and yes it’s a literal screen picture, lol)

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Alright I’m going to cheat a bit here since I don’t have any of my old screenshots since moving to the new PC.

Here’s the list of all the chips I’ve tested on my install of Cinebench up to November, 2017. I’ll post the individual ones as I test more chips from here on out.

I was bored so I benched my Surface Pro 2. The CPU is a i5-4300U


Ryzen 1700 at 3.8GHz in my Windows VM with 16 vCores assigned. Takes quite a conciderable hit compared to native but not bad at all.