Community Virtual Lan Organizing

I thought it’d be neat if we’d organize a virtual LAN for the community here. Why? Cause LAN’s are fun.

Before we can set a date for it, what we need to know is what games do you have on pc that are multiplayer and can be played on Linux and Windows cause some of us have linux.

My list of games that can be played on linux or windows:

Civ 5
Civ 6
Borderlands 2
Rocket League

Games that can be played on Windows and Linux that are free:



Fistful of Frags

Team Fortress

eldewrito - May not be fool proof for running in linux


Alien Swarm

List of games people in the community have and number of people that have it: [ Will edit and add later] :

Don’t Starve Together
Civ 5 III
Civ 6 II
Stellaris II
Neverwinter Nights 1
Neverwinter Nights 2
Rocket League II
7 days to die


For games we can play what about UrbanTerror? its an arena shooter than runs on Linux, Windows and Mac and its free. If we wanted to play together I could even run a small community server for us to play on.

Maybe also Fistful of Frags thats also free and cross platform.


I can do Windows or Linux
My Games:

  • Don’t Starve Together
  • EU4
  • Civ 5 and 6
  • Stellaris
  • Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2

I mostly play single-player games so I don’t have much in the way of mulit-player games.


For me would be Civ 5, maybe neverwinter nights if I remember how to properly set up the server to be accessible on the internet (not just LAN), uh.

Not sure what else. I’d rather not FPS though unless its something like Holdfast Nations At War (though I pretty much know a few people wouldn’t be able to run that game sooo theres that). Thats just personal preference though lol.

Could always do Quake :stuck_out_tongue:
Not the new one the old one(s)


CS:GO would be a fun one but not all of us might have it

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Yes would maybe also suggest Source or Classic but similarly might not have those either. actually could do Team Fortress because thats F2P now.



For a free multiplayer game there’s hearthstone/warframe. But those both require grinding and may not run on linux.

what else…
7 days to die

hmm… I guess I don’t have many multiplayer games that require a lan…

oooo there’s halo online (eldewrito) which is pretty fun. Kind of a mashup of 2,3, and reach. And it’s free!

Could do some DnD as well. Player guides and character sheets are easy enough to find online, just need a DM (since I’ve never played lol)


Does anybody have any other games to suggest?

Im also gonna suggest unturned. Is a free game that runs on Linux/Windows and we can host our own server

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Goldeneye Source may be an option but I’m still digging into if it is playable with Linux or not.


What about Alien Swarm? its a free game by valve that runs on Linux/Windows and is a 4 player top down shooter and the goal is a slaughter aliens and get through the level.

for none free stuff maybe Left4Dead 1/2 or Day of Defeat: Source. Guns of Icarus Online could also be fun but we might not have enough people for that.

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Damn I thought valve ported Alien Swarm over to Linux but seems I was wrong. is a shame was such a good game when I played it :frowning:

is no native linux support for alien swarm it seems :frowning:

@wolfleben Goldeneye Source will work in wine.

UT4 is another game we could play but its high system requirements might make it hard to play.

Is also BF2/1942


yea I just checked. I was sure they ported it over to Linux at one point but I was mistaken.

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:thinking: It might be a bit difficult to setup but we could have something like a Nidhogg tournament or any other game it is suitable for. I quite like the idea of having a community tournament of 2v2 matches. We could maybe set it up where the winner gets a prize or a badge on the forum or something.

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We could totally do a tournament of some kind. We choose a competitive VS. game and have a bracketed tournament. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place each get a gold, silver, and bronze badge respectively for that year.

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yep that would be soo neat and fun having a competition with something on the line, could make for some very interesting matches. gonna look for games that would be suitable for this because I really want it to happen.


Found a competition bracket thing that we could possibly use


Yep, I know somebody who’s used that software before for a pool tournament and he said its quite good. gonna mess around with it in a bit and see how it works.

kek ofc you won against me in the final match :frowning:


This isn’t the lounge… Did you just do a @ThatBootsGuy?