EDC - Everyday Carry

Everyday carry ( EDC ) or every-day carry are useful items that are consistently carried on person every day.

Just curious what you guys carry everyday. What are the things you always (or most of the time) take with you when you leave the house?


  • Keys with paracord thingies
  • card holder
  • wallet (some old fabric Fila wallet that I’ve been using for ~15 years now)
  • wipes


  • Razer Phone 2 (in Tudia Merge case)
  • Tombow Air-Press pen
  • d20 die (just as some sort of good luck charm)
  • Bic lighter
  • Leatherman Freestyle (for the pliers)
  • Leatherman Style CS (for the scissors and the small knife)
  • Casio W800H-1AV
  • LED Lenser P3
  • Ontario Rat 2
  • Moleskin notepad

Cheapo messenger bag with Goblin Slayer patch.
Not shown but inside the bag: 2x packs of paper tissues, 2x bags (1 cloth, 1 plastic), cigarettes.
And during summer I also have a 0.5L plastic bottle with water in the bag.


At risk of sounding incredibly boring:

  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Phone

and thats pretty much it.


Purse, phone, money, keys, lighter, flash drive, access cards


@Michael @Dje4321
Is there anything in your stuff you want to replace, add, remove? Or are you overall happy with the stuff you carry everyday?

Not really as I like to travel light if I can. I’ll often also carry my power bank, bag, laptop, etc if I know I’m going on a long journey but for everyday stuff I’m fairly happy with what I carry now.

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Well, I guess at least for you the knife situation might be difficult. Kinda sucks, though. Small multitools or Swiss Army Knives are useful af.


ye I’d have trouble carrying a butter knife XD

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< just do wallet, shitty knife, one key for car(have key for gas cap in glove box, tools and some stuff in the car) oukitel k12, eye glass cleaning microfiber cloth

smol bag if going to work that has a hat, gas money, a pair of those nitrile cleaning gloves, water bottle currently has my thiccboi micro for some reason

in winter throw most of my nuclear winter suit stuff into the car(need better boots probs gonna get them hwhite bata or whatever ‘bunny boots’ in a couple sizes up so can add another liner/have room fro big socks and stuff to tuck in)

and bunch of mylar blankets i wanna make into thermal underwear/longjohns with turtle neck and full face covering like skimask to act as a beta shield and also probably warm af(that whole reflects heat radiation back or whatever thing that makes it really warm for how thin they are)

was also gonna make a pouch maybe buy one of those construction tool belts or whatever like tim allen shit, but have like spring loaded pliers/vice grips needle nose with lanyards to the pouch(es), some with rubber tubing or whatever over the tips, so you can grab/manipulate smol objects without removing heavy mittens like say grab an individual key to unlock a door, or something


To be fair, I’d be suspicious of anyone carrying a butter knife around who’s not a famous butter enthusiast.

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No name brand or just shit quality? You could get lucky and find a Ontario Rat 1 or 2 at Walmart for $7-13.

both i guess

works enough lol

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