LANv2 Episode 0001: Quakecon, WoT Patch, mechanical keyboard topics

The weekly show starts again!

Topic list:
Intro and stuff
Quakecon 2017 overview/review

World of Tanks new patch, number of rebalances for British and tier X light tanks. Also some of the mediums and redoing the high tier British TDs a bit.

New ass-assins creed game seems… not as bad but still meh


New 32:9 monitor

3840x1080 because reasons?


New keyboards ive acquired recently, one battleship and a Space invader keyboard

New Kailh low profile switches, quite similar to the older cherry ML

Cherry ml

And then rambling for some time about mechanical keyboards and some other topics like the new Iphone, among others. Semi unplanned so no topic list lol.

Next week will go live on Sunday as well from 5-6PM (or so) CST, if you want to join in just let me know.