LANv2 Episode 0002: Wolfenstein II, batman keyboard, dual core x299, and more!

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Topic list:


1070 ES recently got (or i derped and forgot to talk about it, lol oops)

Gaming news:

CoD WWII trailer

Wolfenstein II

Review bomb issues on steam… semi fixed


Really cool Batman keyboard

Insane level project with machined aluminum keyboard

I3? X299? wut?

Piracy is good… but not to the EU

Custom Vega 64 from asus

Google buys part of HTC for 1.1bn

1070 ti because reasons i guess?

Xbox Duke is back soon

Pixel 2 (and XL) … but at $850…

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Have done some reading on the EU piracy report and there are some interesting things to note about it.

Firstly, the report does not prove that piracy doesn’t have an effect on sales but does show that illegal downloads can boost the sales of video games. it also state that the only negative link between piracy and sales were from blockbuster films with a displacement rate of 40%.

Also it was suggested that the report was suppressed by the EU Commission because two officials jointly published an academic paper that shows the link between piracy and blockbuster films and how it effects sales but omitted the other finding in the report. They also didn’t cite that the information used in the paper was from the original study.

Some more reading:

The original study:

The academic paper by commission officials: