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I’m in the market for a new compact keyboard.
What I am looking for?
Must be linear switch. Not black though. Looking for less gram force. Not for gaming. Purely for typing as fast as possible without much force.
60 percent size. I’d be open to smaller.
Any recommendations?


Gateron yellow, they are between MX red and black in weight being 50g but are smoother as they are lubed. I have a semi built 60% already with them, or you can build your own (or buy one for… A lot. Lol.)

Theres a couple others as well, will look up others later.


That is an option. What about Gateron Clear?


Clears are like MX reds but even lighter so probably not


so what budget and how would you feel about building one yourself? theres a few 60% options that have hot swappable switches now, which makes that bit easier, but its up to you really.
also if you are going for speed in typing getting a real tactile switch I find helpful, you may or may not but Matias Quiet Click switches are dampened clones of the old Alps designs, so they are tactile, silenced switches (they still make some noise but not an excessive amount like Blue switches do lol. so a bit louder than a linear)
only downside of matias is, well, they are NOT cheap. the Mini Quiet Tactile Pro is $130
example of matias compared to other types as well


Budget is up to 200. I don’t feel comfortable building my own. I’ll watch the video when I get chance.


ok, will look around.
if you are quick enough, in r/mechmarket there is usually some really interesting things there periodically, but it may or may not have something you are looking for.
I’ll check to see if there’s any vintage boards available that have related keyswitches to what you like (maybe? ) and look up new ones as well.


the original Apple keyboards with the Alps switches on them are reasonable, but are only full sized (no 60% or TKL sadly) but they are epic switch and keycaps wise. and the adapter is cheap as well. These are all highly tactile, silenced switches (so they are fairly quiet, but not silent). and they are amazing for typing imo, but your mileage may vary.
also with the vintage AEK IIs how dirty the keyboard is, makes a significant impact on how well they feel to type on so you may just want to go with the Matias just in case, but this is also a good option provided the keyboard is reasonably clean

(so like $85-95 or so total… that shipping on the keyboard tho lol…)

in new boards, lets see… here’s a few.

reasonable enough, though … RGB.

there is also these which you would just need to add insert keycaps of your choice to, for a fairly decent amount. no idea how long it would take to ship and etc though, being from China so.

also lul.



I had looked at KBDfans. I’d be okay with putting together a kit like that. That is an option. I did watch the video. Yeah I’d alright with that switch type.


My naked keyboard, Uh that PCB though :drooling_face:




New keyboard :smiley: old police keyboard but has Kailh Navies for the ULTIMATE THICC CLICK

Will post video of sound at some point.


holy actual battle cruiser





Tiny tenks

Better tiny tenk pic.


Neat. Also explains why theres a Dasher set of custom keycaps:




so much keyboard. much wow. (is gallery)