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Mechanical Keyboard Center



@TheDiddilyHorror I mean this is a bit overboard… But it’s got literally every common (and some uncommon) switches lol.


But if you want a cheap backup mechanical keyboard Red Dragon or iirc Magicforce is good as well.


i think you would like this thing… that profile though lol.







@Cavemanthe0ne What do you think of the low profile mechanical switches?


I’ve had the original Cherry tactile ones… Meh. They are better than cheap rubber domes but not anything like an Alps tactile. They are more tactile than browns… But that’s because MX browns have basically no tactility lol.
Haven’t tried the Kailh switches yet.

Personally I would just avoid them, they sacrifice so much keyfeel for the lower profile that it’s not super worth it unless it’s going to be a traveling wireless keyboard or something.


neat, i might be getting my lets split fixed/built finally… a guy on mechmarket is offering building+firmware flashing on mech keyboards for a pretty reasonable price so should be cool :smiley:


No wonder why this sets called unicorn puke lol

(The Lazy) #70

But its sooo pretty

(Chown -R Us /base) #71



Aaand it’s done.