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Memeville 0001 [Here we go Again]






(The Lazy) #2119

CS:GO casually slips away when no one is looking


CS:GO: throws smoke, Ninja Defuse








(The Drunken Dragon) #2125

So the anime I was watching earlier actually exists irl…







(The Drunken Dragon) #2129



Fahrenheit doesn’t make any sense to me.
In Celsius both 53° and -58° are fucking extreme.

(The Drunken Dragon) #2131

12C roughly

-50C exactly

I knew floridians were soft… but I didn’t think they were that soft… 53 and they’re limiting time outdoors and dressing in layers… meanwhile I’m considering whether or not to wear shorts depending on how strong the wind is that day lol


Wednesday here it’s supposed to be a low of -23 degrees F… And that is before wind chill rofl


Right now that would be too warm for my taste. Unless there’s rain. Or it’s during nights.
Can’t stand that “ooohhh, blue sky spring weather”.
If someone told me to wear layers and limit my time outside (or even avoid going outside), I’d expect to look something like this after only a minute:

Heavy snowfall which slows down traffic and public transportation, even bringing it to a halt for hours.

No such thing here except for special freezers.
Lowest right now is -9°C/16°F in places with mountains all around.

(The Lazy) #2134

3 inches of snow on the ground? Great weather for a tank top


Are you Canadian?