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Memeville 0001 [Here we go Again]


Pfft any level of snow is fine, as long as it’s above 20 degrees it’s nice out. Usually when’s it’s at least 25 degrees I will tolerate the cold and have a cigar for an hour+ because it’s semi comfortable to do, lol
And 40 degrees is sweater weather :smiley:

(The Lazy) #2137

Ill start wearing a coat when hits sub 30F or if its windy.



Semi unrelated

(The Lazy) #2139

Wisconsin is just cold kansas


Been wearing my thicker hoodie and a flannel shirt underneath so far. The only thing that sucks is my nose getting pretty cold in this weather and it directly transfers the cold to my sinuses and brain. With the shitty thought-out laws here wearing a scarf over your face could be ruled as “covering your face” like the kind of extremist demonstrators do (which is punishable by law).

(The Drunken Dragon) #2141

or WNY with a good football team


Should we take that conversation over to the lounge?

(The Lazy) #2143

its cool. Probably dead at this point anyway


As dead as the people in Florda are right now from the cold :rofl:


I mean it’s shit posts anyway so is barely lounge worthy, lol @Dje4321


Now that it’s that cold, it’s probably even easier to split the ground and let it float out into the ocean.




oh the fun of the British language being misunderstood but it can get far worse XD




(The Lazy) #2151