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Oh hello, didn’t see you there! Welcome to the show.

This is going to be finished later, but eventually this will be a landing page that links to other threads I’m doing, or things that I don’t think need a full thread in of themselves. This is a fresh and wholly original idea that I came up with all by myself! I know, I know I am a trend setter!

As a newb who is woefully uneducated in may things, I will show that it’s not that hard to do things like install arch (based distros), load a custom ROM (on a Verizon phone), Libreboot old pcs, use a macbook air from 2006 with Linux, and so on.

This is a place holder, when I have more time I’ll make it look snazzy.

Stayyyyyy tuuunnneeed


Welcome to the forum. looking forward to seeing some of your projects when you get to them.


Are you going to install Arch on Verizon? :scream:


Arch is too normal… BSD

/s, I will do both, I am a person of the people… and the people love to watch a dumpster fire


I will arrange the seating


Imma start lighting fire crackers in here if there ain’t some magic happening

I want raw byte on byte action

I wanna see you cross compile in a nested vm, 16 vm’s in. I wanna see you se uCLinux on an intel northbridge. God dammit I want to see some SCIENCE.

Kekw necro++