Ryzen 5 2400G testing & review thread

Thread where I will be testing games on the 2400G and posting results here. Also noting any strange behaviour and overall thoughts on the APU platform as it stands.

Feel free to drop in suggestions in the thread, I will be adding results as I test them as well. I’ve already done some testing which ive posted in the lounge but will redo them for here.

Will start the benches and such today after work.
So far will have World of Tanks, Wolfenstein II, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor, and a GTA V among a couple others.
Possibly Life is Strange with mods.


GTA 5 Normal preset at 1080P:
40-70 FPS (average around 50 in city scenes of Online with lots of action. More in the 60s when just doing racing events and similar).

Hitman: Absolution
Medium preset, 1080P.
Averages in the mid 40 FPS range, some dips down into the 30 s but generally smooth and playable.

Saint Row 2: mostly max settings 1080P
30-70 FPS depending on what is going on and how much destruction there is.
Lots of pop-in issues though not sure if thats the game or the APU.

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What all games would people want to see benched that I havent already?

Space Invaders

Depends on what you have.

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On a more serious note

  • Minecraft
  • Skyrim
  • Fallout 3/New Vegas/4
  • A total war game?
  • Metro 2033/Last Light
  • Some racing game (Dirt3/Dirt Rally, Grid, Project Cars etc)
  • Dark Souls 2/3?

the new UT4 game can be pretty hard to run so that could be a good one

is also the witcher 3

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You know Steam is a thing lol?
Actually you may be one of the only people here I havent friended on it.
Its my usual username.
(This is mostly joking)

So you can pick from the ones I have :smiley:

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So out of the games you have

  • Skyrim
  • Shadow of Mordor
  • Metro Last Light
  • Doom
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Just Cause 2?

You could also benchmark how it does with ReShade on some games.


but that means i would have to actually play it lol…
otherwise seemsGud, have most of them installed now.

But Fallout Vegas is a great game though.

Could also just download a hacked save file and have fun lol.

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Well I still have my save game he could have if he wanted to.