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Picked up these from Cigarbid.

And this was the secret Santa thing I got, I also sent some of my stuff out to a different guy but I digress:

(The Lazy) #202

How to tell if your stoned. When you try to take a hit off of your water bottle XD


Tried the Metropolitan Point Fives Maduro, great little stick. A mix of chocolate and bread flavors. Not chocolatey bread though… More like chocolate & bread. Also a bit of pure tobacco flavor mixed in with the bread which makes it great. Not an overly complex cigar; but it’s not a high-end cigar so doesn’t need to be lol.
Depending on the price would definitely be a good thing to pick up.


just ordered some 84% bovedas to reseason my humidor, and a giant 320g boveda to keep it nice for another 3-5 months (though I’ll likely recharge my old boveda packs as well and throw those into the humidor as well to keep it all humidified for the foreseeable future).
debating what cigar i want as it’s relatively nice out (27 lol) … hmmm.
could have another point five i guess but not sure yet.


My reseasoning bovedas and the other one also arrived yesterday; now the humidor is being reseasoned and it will probably be 2-4 days before it’s back up to normal humidity. Then it will be set to go for a while

(The Drunken Dragon) #206

Smoked the Acid Madre the day I got it.

The one on the right there.

It’s a box pressed stick, and is extremely aromatic. In that picture it looks a bit small, but it barely fit into my cutter (It’s a 6 1/4 x 54). The Uranium it’s next to is just enormous (7 x 70 !).

The Acid is extremely flavorful. It’s not one of their infused sticks, but still has a great sweetness to it. The draw on it was perfect, no resistance at all. It burned evenly as well, didn’t have to touch it up at all. Overall just a great stick, highly recommended. It’s really flavorful, but not too rich/dark like you can sometimes find in the darker sticks. Medium-full body flavor that even my relatively inexperienced palate can really enjoy.


Got the humidor reseasoned again, and put my various Privada sticks in there and etc. Should be good for the next 6-12 months now :smiley:

Also got a new cutter and a random few tins of pipe tobacco from Cigarbid, mostly just wanted the cigar cutter but there was some decent deals on a couple things of pipe tobacco so. Will see when that arrives.


Reorganized again… I may or may not like collecting things. Lol.


Also having the Viking St Olaf tobacco now, it tastes even more like what an evergreen pine smells like now which is awesome. Some other flavors as well but not too sure on what yet, but still a good blend of them.
One of the other flavors is a very light mint, can barely tell it’s there though.


Oh also the Privada Cigar Club for the month arrived today :smiley:


Latest haul. Some random tobacco and a $23 cigar cutter I got for $6

(The Lazy) #212

Tonight the last night i enjoy :oregano: for a little while. In need of a new job and cant bank on gettting lucky


Thats a shame better enjoy it while it lasts. That “package” ran out already?

(The Lazy) #214

Nope. About 1/4 - 1/3 left.


thats not so bad. Saving it encase your unable to get more later then?

(The Lazy) #216

nope. Just gonna take a break so i pass when i apply for a new job


oh i totally misread that because drug tests are very rare here, just gonna have to save it to celebrate for when you get the new job XD

(The Lazy) #218

They are not super common here either but a few places still do it


ye its better to be save than sorry then if there’s a chance.


This is some good shit.
OG Osok.