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(The Lazy) #181

Yeah. Its ok though. Ill be fine without it


ye wasn’t this supposed to last you a while? still being without it for a little should just make it better when you do get some.

(The Lazy) #183

It was and it did


wasn’t it about a week or so? you got long before you can get some more?

(The Lazy) #185

more like 5 weeks lol


lel thats not bad run at all stretching it out that long.

(The Drunken Dragon) #187

Well I definitely have to reseason my humidor. I’ve had a 75% Boveda pack in there for a day and a half and it still reads 50% humidity in there.


Having the amphora full ATM, is quite good actually. Kind of vanilla Cherry. Interesting.
Speaking of Cherry here’s the burn lol. Not too many relights needed.


may or may not have a problem of buying too many things lul

have tried the Mac Baren Black, it’s quite good. will see about the others.


… i like collecting, lol.

Also. The CAO Bella Vanilla is a nice, light vanilla flavored blend. Not bad at all.


privada cigar club arrived, not bad at all.

also a few more things from Cigarbid… the nubs are so cute and tiny, lol. 3x57 but are Cappucino flavored cigars.
basically got all of above by putting in close to minimum bids and then getting lucky noone else bid on it so was cheeep. but still good :smiley:

(The Drunken Dragon) #192

Let’s see… from left to right it’s a toro, perfecto, and lancero?


iirc yup
better pic of the names and infos.


nub cafe cappucino is actually great :smiley:
is deceptive though. is medium-full strength but maaaaybe a medium in taste. but more a mild, can only tell its stronk by the aftertaste (if there’s almost a bitter, but not unpleasant taste in an otherwise mild cigar can mean its strong… oh boy this is that) and well the effect on your body lol.
speaking of taste, it is a mix of coffee, sweet (not quite vanilla, almost a pure sugar sweet) and also dominican tobacco which is a mix of bread and pure tobacco flavors.

also. Dat Ash.


neat, a review of one of them same day as i got mine


had the Rocky patel Connecticut, forgot how much i like a good Connecticut :smiley:
if you’ve ever had a Connecticut, is basically that, lol. mild, etc. and it’s rocky patel so pretty good and pretty cheap. as a side bonus smelled as good as it tasted.


Forgot I put bids on these but got a nice lighter and a good blend for pretty much minimum bids on both (like $10 total). Not bad.

(The Drunken Dragon) #198

Have you ever dealt with these guys before @Cavemanthe0ne?

Some of their prices just seem too insane to be real (or the cigars are just that garbage…)


some mixed reviews on that one, some like it some hate it. wouldn’t risk it imo but that’s just me.
can actually grab a list of trusted sites if you like :smiley:


lol. @ThatBootsGuy