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Is this now a challenge of endurance smoking and just how far can you go on a single run or ye know how fast you can blow it? XD

(The Lazy) #162

Its a challenge about how far i can make it last lol


lol the struggles of not just smoking it all at once?

(The Lazy) #164

the struggles of being poor and enjoying expensive things XD


Meanwhile I have … A humidor of cigars I’m probably going to just toss as the thing needs to be redone, besides were all cheap but still had a lot of different cheapies and then the … 7 and counting blends of pipe tobacco.
Though it is freaking cold out and it’s not like I own the place I live in so can’t smoke inside so yeah.
(And pipe tobacco is about same as that other thing as far as leaving behind smell so basically it doesn’t. Unlike cigarettes which stain the entire house lol).


lol hits blunt, me? I have expensive tastes XD

how far can you make it last? like enough for once a month?

(The Lazy) #167

It better last more than a whole month XD


lel so some supreme :oregano: rationing? Just get high and hide some so you forget where it is so you can find it again by the end of the month XD

(The Lazy) #169

I thought about just buying one of those pill planners and using that XD


lol thats not a bad idea, ration it down to once or twice a day?


Long long would that last in Snoop Dogg units?

(The Lazy) #172

snoop dog wouldnt even last a day XD

(The Drunken Dragon) #173

Noooooooo!!! :sob:


It will only take him a day to smoke two Snoops and one Doggs worth XD


They’re all sub $2 so it’s really not much of a waste lol.


Lol didn’t realize the pipe was this small. That said it’s actually really nice. Will try it out later.
Scissors for scale.




I get why they call the Mac Baren Club Roll cake that now … Its rolled into little cake like things.

(The Lazy) #179

RIP $180. Oh well. Ill have more sweet sweet :oregano: pretty soon :smiley:


lel you used up all of your last batch already?