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Ended up getting a box of London club Punch cigars for a work party will see how they are later lol. Paid too much but it’s what I get for not buying them online in advance but whatever


I will say though that the box does look pretty cool though lol.


Honestly not even mad that I spent nore than I wouldve liked… Even for what I paid for them they are actually great. Kind of a caramelly bready/tobacco flavor with some spice thrown in. Nice.
Will definitely pick some more up online if I get the chance.


Neat site, I just signed up for. Will see how it goes but the idea is you get 3 aged or rare cigars a month hand picked to your flavor tastes. $30 a month isnt bad for cigars that would easily cost $10-20 each normally.

Will have to see how it is when the first box arrives lol but seems like a great way for me anyway to try some different cigars and fairly cheaply as well so.


tried the Saint Olaf… rather odd, but good. smell is strong kindof like… not sure actually when not lit, but taste when smoking is… almost like what evergreen smells like lol. No wonder why its a Viking blend lol.


Well shit. Impressed by the Privada club.

Crowned Heads Four kicks Maduro 2018, Illusione Cruzado Elitas (aged 4.5 years) and El Titan De Bronze grand reserve.
Overall really happy. If curious the amount each cigsr normally is usually sits in the $15+ range so wow.

And as a bonus the bag is a humidor bag + includes a tiny Boveda so can store it in there till it runs out.

(The Drunken Dragon) #147

wishes for more money…

Perhaps if my guitar teaching gig gets going pretty good I could do something like that.


Got another pipe, the Gandalf style one I had was too annoying to actually use lol. I like the irony of this one. And it’s small so works out.

Will see if it arrives/how good it actually ends up being but still lol. Online purchases being such mixed bag.


ran across this channel recently, is neat (has a variety of things related to pipes on it)

also won some bids on cigarbid for MOAR pipe tobacco lol. because reasons?

got all of them for like $20, plus sipping. would normally be in the 30-40 range plus shipping for them.
i guess not many people are on Cigarbid for pipe stuff lol but not complaining.


Mason jars acquired. Now this all can age properly lol :smiley:


Seems like a good a place as any for it all lol…


Bought a pack of Maverick tobacco today…holy shit that stuff stinks like burnt rubber or something. But just like that George Karelias tobacco I have that smells like bitter chocolate, while smoking the stench is gone.
Oh well…at least I tried something new.


I keep putting in minimum bids to see if I can get things and it keeps working xD

(For comparison MSRP would have had that whole lot at $50-60 not including shipping. Instead of the $20+ 6 in shipping :smiley: )
I should probably stop but still. Also going to need more Mason jars now lol.


I feel bad for you, if you are just buying stuff at retail stores. Not sure on if there’s good stuff in Europe in physical stores but could see if online sites are an option.

(The Drunken Dragon) #155

I know the cigar market there is essentially just Cubans, and store quality ranges from horrifying to passable with a few that are actually really good. At least in the material I’ve seen that’s the case.

Not sure about pipe tobacco though.


Just wanted to try new tobacco even though I like the one I’m using now.
And I started rolling my own cigarettes because it’s cheaper than buying the regular packs. In that sense, good niche stuff is would be more expensive.


A lot of cheap tobacco is aimed at roll your own, because it’s really just cigarette tobacco disguised as pipe tobacco to avoid taxes lol. So is why is cheap.
Besides that proper pipe tobacco will not taste very good when rolled into a cigarette tube (as it burns too fast). I have experienced that first hand lol. Same blend that tastes ok in a tube tastes way better in a pipe.
But kind of rambling now.

(The Lazy) #158

RIP me. Time for another supply run. This time i should be good for a while

(The Drunken Dragon) #159

That’s what you said last time :stuck_out_tongue:

(The Lazy) #160

And i went twice as far as i thought i would XD