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lol really? your dog likes it some :oregano:?

(The Lazy) #122

kinda. Its funny to blow it into his face and watch him just stumble around


lol thats kinda adorable him getting high and stumbling around on your smoke. does his mood change much?

(The Lazy) #124

becomes really snuggly ( more so than normal)


awww, snuggly dogs are the best.




Having the G2 and wow … Very impresed for the price. Creamy, tobacco notes but with enough spice to be a nice balance makes for a great budget stick. Only Real downside is theres no flavor changes really throughout but hey for like $2-4 a stick depending where you get it its quite nice.

(The Lazy) #128

Ran out of :oregano: so i smoked the rest of my keif. I am gonna go on a ride :slight_smile:


lol have fun, the last big one before you gonna have to go on a much needed supply run? XD

(The Lazy) #130

lel ye

(The Lazy) #131

supply run complete. RIP $100 though


lol nice should be more than worth it though, $100 worth of :oregano: should keep you going for a while now?

(The Lazy) #133

Me everytime i try to but some weed


lel well its all :oregano: anyway, great movie though.

(The Drunken Dragon) #135

Well that was quite possibly the worst smoking experience I’ve had. Cigar was too dry so even though i cut it properly, the wrapper still ended up unraveling itself. Not to mention the flavor wasn’t what it should’ve been. Protip: Keep your humidor humidified otherwise you’re gonna have a bad time.


Thats why these are great lol. Intended for BIG humidor but in small ones the things last months :smiley: and can recharge them if you really want.

(The Lazy) #137

So tomorrow is my bday so im gonna enjoy by rolling a fatass joint XD


lol ofc its your birthday you almost have to, got your rolling skills down for that now?

(The Lazy) #139

Kinda. Gonna give rolling it a few tries before actually using it


Yep gotta make sure its an extra good one before using it :smiley: