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(The Drunken Dragon) #241

I’m so jealous right now…


and i have a few more on the way, the privada club + a box split i hopped into + a couple things on Cigarbid i may or may not win. one of which is a candela 5 pack thats… a candela, but full bodied. will see if i end up winning it but still.
not that ill be able to have many of them because freaking wi weather, :stuck_out_tongue:


top shelf, high end sticks

bottom shelf, lower end sticks


tried one of the erin go bragh irish whiskey sticks, pretty damn nice. starts off tasting like Irish Cream and ends up tasting like irish cream a little, but a more normal connecticut cigar at the end with a mix of creaminess, and cedar/pine flavors. for a stick that usually goes for $2-5 not bad at all.


because i liked the Erin go Bragh, got another fiver of them, and also a fiver of a Roky Patel stick that is intriguing to me because normally Candela wrapper cigars are lighter than Connecticuts as far as body and strength, but this thing is a candela thats a full bodied cigar… will see how it is.


tried the Ghurka Centurian, not a bad stick. tastes creamy, tobacco, and etc like a connecticut, but… it’s a medium strength stick so can be surprising lol. only issue i had was the construction was pretty bad, but it still burned decently well so meh? the flavor profile is what a basic Cuban flavor profile is, so not bad at all. though, wouldn’t really buy it for more than $4 a stick given the construction issues.

(The Drunken Dragon) #247

They’re misleading in that. They actually are very medium if not full bodies though the color would suggest otherwise. This could also be due to the way they’re made though, one way could be lighter, but another could cause it to be fuller in body (i.e. picking it early or just curing it super fast).

Tim made a nice video on cigar wrappers some time ago:


i meant, they normally are.
camacho was the first to do a non-ultra mild candela. now Rocky Patel has the ITC. they ahve had ultra mild Candela cigars for years now.


Standing out in a minor blizzard having a cigar cuz reasons. Lol.
It’s the empire TV show one. Not bad. Though not great.
Finished it and … It’s a particularly decent mild cigar. Only strange thing is that the thing was rolled so tight you could damn near chomp on the thing without the shape changing, which is unusual. Burned fine though.
Basically a mild tasting, mediumish strength cigar


woot, the sticks from the box split arrived
6x My Father La Gran Oferta (a brand new blend) and a couple other MF sticks that were some of the extra freebie cigars with the purchase of the box.


Trying the My Father LGO and it’s great so far, have gotten about 10 mins in since this
A spicy, chocolate, creamy, woodsy kind of flavor so far. Definitely a good Maduro if the start is anything to go by.
This I think is my favorite Maduro now.

Chocolate, cocao, coffee notes which just enough spice on the retrohale to let you know it’s strong. So gud.


also got the ITC Emerald and the other five pack of Erin Go Bragh finally :smiley:

(The Drunken Dragon) #253

Didn’t take a picture, but had the Acid Kuba Modero. Fantastic stick, super flavorful as to be expected from Acid. Certainly will be getting it again at some point.

Also picked up a Camacho Corojo Robusto for tomorrow since I don’t like just buying 1 cigar at a time.


This is the smoke for me today…
Two things I noticed right off the bat, holy crap the draw is loose. But also. It’s interesting to taste… It’s a creamy candela but also spicy as fuck. Odd, I don’t know if I like it or not. Not bad though.

Only real issue so far is the burns a bit on the wonky side, needs touchups a fair amount. Though big gauge cigars always do so also meh?

About a third in and this is quite a good stick. It’s like the creaminess and spice of a Maduro, but without the chocolate and coffee flavors. Burn is still weird though.

About half done and it’s like… Bread. Spicy bread of some kind. Spice is there but it’s mostly just the creamy, bready flavors now. For a while it almost tasted like a chai tea but that flavor profile comes and goes, mostly just the creamy bread and spice now.

Ok finished it here; because it started falling apart but also because it doesn’t taste like a medium+ strength cigar but oh boy it definitely is lol. Candela cigars are notorious for being fragile wrappers though so the wrapper falling apart is whatever.

Definitely a good tasting cigar, some construction issues though.

(The Drunken Dragon) #255

I’d like to try a candela someday. Can’t buy anything yet though because my brother is supposed to be getting me a nice humidor to replace this cheapo one I have.




Between two blizzards and presidents day, the box took two weeks to arrive but yay it’s here might be getting a second one more or less by accident, as I messaged the owner after it didn’t show up after a week but yay, the club exclusive cigar should be really interesting to try.


Had the Privada… A lot like the OSOK I posted about earlier in the thread, but also rather different as well. Good though.




Why not to buy Cuban cigars unless they are over 15 years old: