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(The Lazy) #81

Cleaned the stem of my bong and holy fuck its soo much better XD. I gotta remember to clean it more


a clean bong is a happy bong? was it interfering with the dispersal of that sweet :oregano:?

(The Lazy) #83

Ye. What normally takes 0.5 bowl was getting close to 3 and not even getting to the same point


same principle as a clean pipe is a good smoking pipe, lol.


ah, so you can get more much out of it now then, how dirty really was it to get that bad XD

(The Drunken Dragon) #86

Got the boveda calibration done, hygrometer is reading 3% high. Will let it sit in the humidor overnight to see where that’s sitting currently to see if I need to adjust anything.

So far after a couple hours it’s pretty good, currently displaying 70% (which means 67%). So the humidor is at least in the ballpark of where I want it.


Got some more stuff in, probably the last I’ll order for some time lol. The coffee will last me a while and the tobacco as well. Speaking of. This blend smells AWESOME. cant wait to try it.

(The Lazy) #88

Lel. left my lighter near the exhaust of my laptop and the flame out of it is huge XD. Is probably about 4 inches instead of around 2. [spoiler]Actual inches. Not whatever guys call inches[/spoiler]


lel those fan must be pushing some air, gonna light up next to your laptop whenever you need that extra :fire: XD

(The Lazy) #90

Not really. Laptop just likes to idle fairly hot


Always runs hot, likes to light up a big flame. Your tell me that laptop is a Pyromantic now? better hope it doesn’t start a fire.


Dis laptop be lit fam :poop:

(The Drunken Dragon) #93


I’ll have you know I use actual inches :wink:

on topic: Humidor is sitting fine at 67% humidity, time to check funds to see if that sampler bundle from Cigars Daily is doable.

(The Lazy) #94

Parents are not home so that means relaxing in the living room :smiley:


So does relaxing in the living room mean you have so much room for activities? :oregano: XD

(The Lazy) #96

yep. much easier to remove a smell out of a large room vs a smaller one


ye hopefuly should be able to clear it before your parents get home though, don’t think they’d be too happy with that smell everywhere

(The Lazy) #98

they wont care too much. As long as its not the first thing you smell when you walk in


neat that your parents are relxed about it its long as it isn’t overpowering its all good? I’m pretty sure my mother would kill me for doing this XD

(The Lazy) #100

considering how strict the UK is about it