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Have had quite a bit of the Ashton; I must say its quite good. Lemon and honey flavors- not unlike a good Shandy beer. Also burns quite well. Very nice blend basically any time of day. Goes quite well with Radlers as well.


Yay. Now to see how things actually are but they have arrived woot.

The ghurka smells like… BBQ Sauce of all things lol I dont know how to feel about this. I guess ill see how it smokes later.


The Ghurka is… interesting. Mix of flake and non flake, and as mentioned it smells strongly of BBQ when unlit.

tastes when lit are quite good though, an intriguing mix of cedar, spices, and plain tobacco and a hint of vanillas and other flavors in the background i couldn’t quite name.
will have again later and see what i think then.

(The Drunken Dragon) #64

I’ve not tried pipe smoking, probably won’t pick it up, but it is certainly intriguing.


usually i just roll my own cigarettes with the pipe tobacco, much less time required than a full pipe lol.

(The Drunken Dragon) #66

Ashtray and hygrometer arrived

(The Drunken Dragon) #67

Finishing up the Black Market cigar, not as good as the Macanudo, but it’s not bad by any means.


overall very pleased with the cigarillos. mild, kindof bread tasting with some other interesting flavors. probably will have to let them sit a fair bit more before really being able to tell the background flavors (usually need to let cigars age 1-2 months after purchasing them before they really show the flavors they have and all that. and to get to the humidity you have in the humidor).
will see how they are as they age i guess. definitely worth the $0.29 or so each i paid for them even as is though. :smiley:

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Very tempting :thinking:


yup, pretty good. they usually have sales as well. oh also.


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Yeah watching him and Bradley over on tnt quite a bit recently. I’ll hold off on getting the sampler to make sure I got my humidor properly seasoned. I have the hygrometer, the boveda is coming later this week to calibrate it. It’s all coming together :grin:

That sampler is a great deal when you consider the 1 shop within 20 minutes of me only stocks a couple sticks under 10 and even then they’re around 8.

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Got some butane, another Manacudo, and a La Aurora Connecticut. Debating on giving my brother the Manacudo.


lol yes I can’t escape it, I’m sure its gonna happen. I’ll just have to tell myself its like this for everyone XD

Memeville 0001 [Here we go Again]
(The Lazy) #74

Maybe if they start with a bong (wouldnt recommend tho)


ye probably right, what you’d say it’d be better starting off with something like a pipe?

(The Drunken Dragon) #76

much hotter smoke, why I always preferred bongs back in the day.


I don’t think I’d have an issue with hotter smoke? I am asthmatic though so maybe one might agree with me more than the other but I’ll just have to try them both and find out.


ye will have to keep that in mind then, seems like a best place to start as I won’t have to worry about having or using anything extra that I wouldn’t already have.

(The Lazy) #79

Not even a pipe. A simple joint/blunt would be great. No need to worry about dropping it, lighting it, etc. You just hit and enjoy.

Depends. The hotter smoke mostly make my throw sore when as a bong will hit deep in the lungs. Much easier to cool your throat with a drink of water then trying to get your lungs to calm down

Memeville 0001 [Here we go Again]

my hand rolled… pipe-arettes? i guess? with labels and everything lol. not that i really need them as the smells alone differentiate them enough for me to know but meh.

makes for a nice 15-30min smoke each depends on the type of tobacco and how tightly i pack the things. quite enjoyable really.