The Deal Train (online tech deals megathread)

This is a thread for posting potential bargains on eBay, etc, that members of the forum find.

For instance, you might find graphics cards that are “broken” but look like they might just need some TLC to get working again. Or you might find a motherboard with bent socket pins that turn out to be redundant or repairable! Anything like that is fair game! Bids are totally fine.

Even if you don’t plan on buying or bidding on something, all the more reason to put it here and see if someone else wants to have at it!

Just a fair warning, things might be posted here that are questionable at best and duds at worst, so keep a watchful eye and don’t jump on any deals you’re not willing to risk!

I’ll start off.

Here appears to be GTX 980 that appears to be mostly functional but being sold as repair.
It’s being put to bid so watch out.

Quote from the entry:

Fans spin, led powers up, display works, drivers install properly
Everything appears to work but certain games causes white screen and hangs


Keyboard related thingiez:

This has MX blacks and is a standard layout, just needs Soarers converter as is a terminal connecter:

Cool deskmat:

This is a Gigabyte B85 motherboard has one bent pin that looks like it can just be bent back. It’s now on sale for about $27 with free shipping. Someone is desperate to get rid of it. Any takers?

only a “deal” because its half the price of any other AT Model F around on ebay at the moment lol:

That 980 I posted went for $150. Damn. Almost fully functional as well. Ah well, t’was not to be.


and if you feel like gambling:
possibly good deal
@KemoKa this may be of particular interest to you, it’s an untested 7850


lol i kid i kid.

This isn’t really that great a deal, but all it needs is a new fan or at the very least a lot of airflow through the heatsink. If you can get that, this is a damn powerful little card for its size.
Huge gamble, cooler-less 290

Want some pretty nice compute power for a bit more than the going price of its consumer counterpart?

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i wouldnt go with the 290 IMO. GPUs without a cooler are signs of people who water cooled it

I mean… at those prices if the two there work… You can just as easily flip them and make $30-50 each…

Intresting keyboard deals

Decent prices on a couple of keyboards


needs an adapter but still

Telex branded Unicomp Model M that’s PS/2 (so no adapter needed) for $50 (well plus shipping)

@Dje4321 may be interesting for you though idk if you want a Battleship lol

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neat. will be a long time before i get a chance to buy a model m though


NECS are an interesting keyboard. This one is silly cheap. Could be good maybe?

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Its a rubber dome with slider keyboard. So just a basic one.
Not bad but not great either for the price.

Well, it’s about that time for Black friday and Steam deals :smiley:

Asrock B350 ITX board for $95

Decent price on a 240GB SSD ($70)

Yay for steam autumn sale!

Already picked up a few games i was looking for.
Some awesome deals so far.

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GOG is also having a sell.

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