The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]

What’s happenin’, everyone?

Been kinda busy with work myself.
Had my employee dialogue this week.
The good news is that my fixed-term contract will be changed to a permanent one at the end of the year because both my section chiefs are overall very happy with my work performance.
The bad new is I have to socialize more at work with other secretaries…

Other than work and playing Diablo 4 there’s not much happening in my life.
I got clear aligners about a month ago and now I sound like I have a lisp when I talk.

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the sarsaparilla flows salaciously on saturdays

just work had a almost get super pissed event with the drawring tablet lol, had some piece of no idea little very very thing black bit between the layers of screen fell between the front glass and the lcd(has a extra thick glass piece added to the front they glue on putting the screen in i think, it doesnt unscrew from back/isnt removable from the back the pane holds it in the frame just the pcb and wire connections are in the back bit you can open)

fell in front of the usable area like a whole line of ded pixels or somethin but i bumped it(sometimes if you slightly bump stuck whatev pixels can do stuff) and it moved, and if hold at far angle could see underneath it like light behind the black piece that clearly its infront of the lcd, but no way to remove the glass without solvents or somethin prolly, other than risking it breaking and then possibly damage lcd etc, but i got it back out of view for now atleast

edits: is past that point of like first 30days or whatever where you could just instantly get a new one claiming a defect or whatever, would have to actually send away for warranty service to china for them to try and diagnose/fix

second edits:
tried on it after waiting awhile(Was planning on it) got it back in the bezel area and hasnt fallen down in couple days but no idea how it fell down in first place so will see i guess, but so far so good :stuck_out_tongue:

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so far after i bumped the thing out of sight for the drawing tablet, nothing came back yet so dunno lol back to pretty happy with it just bizarre happend it first place

finally took some time after busy as week, did little bit of it during the week but mostly yesterday and this morning workin on the perfect loop thing for the program mode, since bunch of that work can be reused for the divide functions did that one first

some more testing and gotta comment out the debugging output stuff should be fast enough for that part doesnt warrant having any output before total segments(if isnt already before it does the final placement stuff move it up)

lel some the debugging output was printing the first number instead of the second one(has 2 running numbers at a time for checking if its equal to or the second divides with no remainder) but the numbers was right/half of it was showing the right so knew what it was doin

gotta do more testing in random numbers and stuff, double check the overflow protection and stuff(since it can make super massive numbers very fast like 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 17 is like 6,125,000, i mean upper limits of long long is pretty good like 18 whole digits and a partial 19th, but might put in a opt out warning or something if its big like over a mil or somethin idk have to think about it i guess

edit2: had a lel moment actually worked first hit on this last situation to account for when i went back to it after eatin

was workin on multi list entries of same length exclusion stuff, if you have multiple entries of the same length that are different lists, that also have multiple entries of the same list, to exclude the other ones its not even checking yet/then skip checking them later. and double checking/fixing conditions for multiple lists of same length for the math by moving it out of the inner exclusion checking loop to the one right past it(it reads in one entry from list then compares to all other entries beneath it that arent excluded already) and then enters the inner multi check/condition loop parsing all the rest of the numbers

so now it does all strictly divisible numbers corrently in one pass, as bascically every divisible number is increase the length by the longest number that divides into, say 52 if you had a 26 or a 13 you have to increase by 52 every time, as this is the number of episodes that play not the number of loops, if you add 26 episodes to that 52, you have to play the 26 twice to have the 52 end at the end at same time as the 26, the 13 would just play 4 times to make up the difference but then all end at the same time again

gotta check for multiple occurrences of same length in divisible ones tho but should be mostly same deal

multiedits later:
messed with it in theory was workin but not in results, although that earlier one worked put a more complicated list to have every scenario at once bascially, divisible, multi divisble, multi divisible with multi entry, single entry with no divisible with anything, multi entry not divisible with anything, was getting a number did perfectly divide all of them but they werent ending at the same, tryin a that number x the number of entries seems to work so far but idfk semi advanced maths or something

bunch later edit:
looks like still workin but tryin some testing looks like should be fine to refactor the code to just not bother with the duplicate ones and just treat them as the same(basically was doin the same math anyways in the end) just for readability in the future having less possible conditions to check for, also some specific scenario can make the thing shorter by not treating them as the longer length, like if it was for a 13 but longest list is 24, having a 13x3 would be 39 would end up like 39 * number of divisible lists so 13 or whatever also increases by 39 every time before it would then multiply that total by 24

so sometimes shorter, but mostly easier to read, and will be more similar to the other part for the divide stuff when start working on that, since that would never have the duplicate stuff either

bedit2: was messin with refactoring and doin some testing while gettin it goin noticed it seemed to work even when it was way simpler/part wasnt working

seems like might work if just do each highest [unique non divisible into another number](e.g. if had 52 26 and 13 ignore the lower divisible numbers and just count 52) times every other [highest unique number], then at the end times the [total the number of entries] in total(including all the excluded ones)

so far seemin to work but gotta do testin before finalize obviously, makes sense mostly, in that its a number is divisible by every entry, and that final times all entries, is how many entries is 1 loop, and trying to get it to have them all end within 1 loop got the other way workin same as before can just change comment out to try different ones to compare currently, just tryin to get it to the lowest number that works reliably, if just multiply all of them will work every time is just exponentially larger

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My horror movie collection has grown quite a lot in the last few months.


Top, middle and the left side of the bottom shelf are all horror movies.
Top is movies with multiple parts.
Middle and bottom left has single movies.

Horror Movie Collection

I translated the German titles but didn’t bother to put them in alphabetic order.

30 Days of Night
What we do in the Shadows
A Nightmare on Elm Street
A Serbian Film
A Silent Place Part I
A Silent Place Part II
American Psycho
Annabelle 1
Annabelle 2 - Creation
Annabelle 3 - Coming Home
Baba Yaga
Behind You
Black Christmas (Jessy - Die Treppe in den Tod) (3 Schnittfassungen)
Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Child’s Play
Child’s Play 2
Child’s Play 3
Child’s Play 4
Child’s Play 5 - Chuckys Baby
Child’s Play 6 - Curse of Chucky
Child’s Play 7 - Cult of Chucky
Close Calls
Crimson Peak
The Blob
The Thing
The Relic
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Exorcist
The Grudge 1
The Haunting
Color out of Space
In the Mouth of Madness
The Ninth Gate
The Devil’s Blackcoat
Drag Me To Hell
Evil Dead - Army of Darkness
Evil Dead 1
Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead Rise
Final Desitnation 1
Final Desitnation 3
Final Desitnation 5
Final Destination 2
Final Destination 4
Freddy Vs. Jason
Friday the 13th - Jason Goes To Hell
Friday the 13th - Jason X
Friday the 13th, Part I
Friday the 13th, Part II
Friday the 13th, Part III
Friday the 13th, Part IV
Friday the 13th, Part V
Friday the 13th, Part VI
Friday the 13th, Part VII
Friday the 13th, Part VIII
Fright Night 1
Fright Night 2
Grave Encounters
Gremlins 1
Gremlins 2
Gretel & Hänsel
Halloween Kills
Halloween Ends
Hannibal Lecter - Silence of the Lambs
Hannibal Lecter - Hannibal
Hannibal Lecter - Red Dragon
Happy Death Day
Happy Death Day 2U
Hereditary - Das Vermächtnis
Hostel Part I
Hostel Part II
Hostel Part III
House on Haunted Hill
Insidious: Chapter 2
Insidious: Chapter 3
Insidious - The Last Key
It Follows
Jeepers Creepers 1
Jeepers Creepers 2
Jeepers Creepers 3
Jeepers Creepers - Reborn
As Above, So Below
Lake Bodom
Lights Out
The Curse of La Llorona
Look Away
Martyrs (Original)
Midsommar (Director’s Cut)
Mutant Chronicles
Nightmare On Elm Street 1
Nightmare On Elm Street 2
Nightmare On Elm Street 3
Nightmare On Elm Street 4
Nightmare On Elm Street 5
Nightmare On Elm Street 6
Nightmare On Elm Street 7
Open 24 Hours
Ouija 1
Ouija 2 - Origin of Evil
Paranormal Activity 1
Paranormal Activity 2
Paranormal Activity 3
Paranormal Activity 4
Possession - Das Dunkle in dir
Repo! - The Genetic Opera
Resident Evil - Welcome to Raccoon City
Resident Evil 1
Resident Evil 2 - Apocalypse
Resident Evil 3 - Extinction
Resident Evil 4 - Afterlife
Resident Evil 5 - Retribution
Resident Evil 6 - The Final Chapter
Ring 1
Ring 2
Rosemary’s Baby
Scream 2
Scream 3
Scream 4
Scream 5
Scream 6
Shallow Ground
Silent Hill
Silent Hill - Revelation
Sinister 2
Sleepy Hollow
Stephen King’s The Fog
Stephen King’s IT
Terrifier 2
Texas Chainsaw - Unrated Version
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
The Autopsy of Jane Doe
The Black Phone
The Cabin in the Woods
The Conjuring 1
The Conjuring 2
The Conjuring 3
The Devil Inside
The Entity
The Fog - Nebel des Grauens
The Frighteners (Kinofassung + Director’s Cut)
The Hole in the Ground
The Lodge
The Nun
The Pope’s Exorcist
The Possession of Hannah Grace
The Reckoning
The Song of Solomon
The Unborn
The Unholy
The VVitch
The Wailing - Die Besessenen
The Witch Next Door
Truth or Dare ?
We are the Night
Wrong Turn 1
Wrong Turn 2 - Dead End
Wrong Turn 3 - Left for Dead
Wrong Turn 4 - Bloody Beginnings
Wrong Turn 5 - Bloodlines
Wrong Turn 6 - Last Resort
Wrong Turn - The Foundation (Reboot)
Room 1408

isnt that the one on youtube people are like is super lewd but its not that bad actually?

think ju-on(the actual jap cable company original version of grudge) actually decent, is more complicated like multi part thing, then just a kid thats blue in one house or whatever

Dunno. Only read that it’s supposed to be like Hostel and some people on Reddit think it’s worse (more gore, more violence, etc).

ju-on stuff

not really gore/the actual deaths that much, but to spoiler is basically its more about the supernatural whatever ‘creature’ part of the thing then its that one house is bad juju, like some lady visiting there to check on the old lady living there/missin kid or somethin(forget) ends up getting got, then later at her apartment building theres now blu lady, somethin like if they see/get attacked by them but escape they can show up later where they are then and if they die there then can attack people near there. like different rules then i remember the american remake one being

guessin you were actually replying to serbian film bit? ye sounds like that forget what the thing was, like incest rape or somethin was like a one ‘extra bad’ thing i thought

edits: did finally got some normal weekend time where started to get bored even so i started workin on server, put in test version atleast of the just count up one seems work good like expected will reliably tell the lowest number, just not put in a second sort operation to optimize it more, just partially optimized currently by just checking the memory value if the ones that would get checked have this number below whatever then just check the next number, instead of actually doing the whole, highest number divided by the lower number in the array repointed position, if the remainder does not equal 0 whatever math check, and instantly breaking on first failure to increment and start at the top

but if i resort and have a new total tally, i can just not have to skip them at all by only having a list of the ones we need to check, but is fast as hell either way since its c and its doing a pretty small loop, should be able to do in the hundreds of thousands maybe million of checks per second on this athlon 200ge system

thats much faster than if you get the number way off and its like 1000x longer than it needed to be at that like 5000~10000 places per second actually fully computing/compiling the list


did a test build with optimized and unoptimized so i could compare couple scenarios for fun, was fair amount of reduction still in some instances, even though the sorting it first did most of the optimization, would be the checks number to be looking at, the attempts is the number of times it incremented the number that it then checked with the division/modulus thing to see if the numbers were divisible in the long one was like 1~1.5seconds or something and the rest of the time was the other one lol

gotta decide what wanna do for a prompt, but to for sure have something to pop up sayin that number is crazy high are you sure/option to put in a different number or something

for example, in the long one just the data files for this list would be like 1~5PB probably lol, bein its like 56 trillion entries, and 1 byte per character if you said average full path/file name was 30 characters per line thats 30*56(TB)=1680TB and a play time for it to loop one time like 2.6 some billion years at 25min average per entry

feel like once it goes past like ~250k entries where you talkin in the realm of probably 2~5years if its around normal television segment length average, that probably as big as it needs to be, as the user would add/change stuff well within that time probably

had another idea for optimizing the actual loop itself after removing duplicates and stuff could easily remove in the earlier pass, to have extra counters so it can have a running total of the increment its incrementing by so that when it finds a relationship say when the 10555 is incremented until the 6089 works out, to then increment by that number so that the 6089 works every time, and then skip even checking 6089 since it will work every time then.

went from 5.5~6 seconds to so fast printing those 3 lines during testing probably slowed it down

getting closer just wrangling the final details of the actual text output and such added the prompt for if its a very long list that they can not run it or punch in their own number but not 100% on how i got it setup currently gonna ask around, if entering 0 for no, 1 for yes/continue, or a number to run instead

vs actually putting in y/n yes/no whatever text instead of numbers for cancel/continue if thats bad ui not having english/text option(s)
besides the general formatting that i think is close atleast, basically would be everything after this may take a few moments, until the line break will just be commented out as thats just debugging/testing output, and the last 2 blocks only print if the list is long like in the hundreds of thousands or longer

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@TheDiddilyHorror do you have a recommendations for a blu-ray r/w drives if I wanted to start ripping my blu-rays with something like MakeMKV? I think I read somewhere its only possible on certain units and might have to flash custom firmware todo it and I’m not sure where to begin with that.

from quick lookin looked like asus or lg was the recommended, never looked at drive specifically but worked fine on my lg using make mkv

I have a techPulse120 which is just an LG BU40N in an enclosure.
You only need to flash the firmware if you want to use LibreDrive.
Not sure if it needs to be flashed to rip UHD BluRays (never tried that).

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good to know. I kinda wanted one in 5.25, though I will see if I can find a similar LG drive in that format instead of a slim/enclosure if i can.

From what I’ve heard that appears to be the case that you need LibreDrive for UHDs and the newer drives on the market are locked down so they can’t be flashed for it, though I don’t currently own any UHD blu-rays so that’s not a huge deal breaker.

Handy forum for all your ripping troubles (like track obfuscation).

There’s a list of recommended UHD drives:

Someone from the L1T forum flashed their drive without any issues.
I’d have to put an older firmware on my BU40N first before I can flash LibreDrive to it. But for now I don’t need to rip UHD BluRays, so I don’t feel the need to do so as I’ve ripped over 100 BluRays recently without major issues (the only issue being track obfuscation where there are multiple files of the same movie listed but the tracks are shuffled and there’s only one real track…only done so by the manufacturers to make it harder to rip them). But even then there’s often a thread on the MakeMKV forum where someone figured out the real track or you can use AnyDVD to see which one is the real track.

Also, the link to the beta key (expires every couple months or so and needs to be re-entered):

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thanks I’ll keep that in mind. a lot of my blu-rays are older titles so I’m hoping they haven’t went too crazy with the obfuscation

John Wick is one of those. Don’t remember which of them.
Pretty annoying when there’s 24 or more files with the same size and length and the only difference is the order of the chapters.

oof, one of them is actually John Wick lol

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you guys ever mess with av1 on handbrake much?

tried a bit based on the settings logan was spittin about but ended up performing worse(as in larger files that looked the same in viewing) then my basic ass 264 ones in my test files atleast lol

I’ve encoded videos using AMF AV1 on my gpu with handbrake and to my eye they looked about the same and the files were also smaller though I can’t exactly remember what the settings were.

< was doing cpu vs cpu on like default profile quality setting for 1080 and just drag the speed to slow from fast or whatever stock was

might have to look up their quality number lol probable different number/scale thats non relative maybe?, did same test file was really small was like 264<265<<av1 as far as smallest size file av1 being about double the gap between 264 and 5 being slow and av1 just default ‘6’ was quality 22 for the test based of the hq 1080 or whatever

edits: doin an example from a shortish test file with the newer queue can see the stuff, but all same 22 quality, just set to slow for 264/5 av1 trying 5 and 4 instead of the default 6, and then the gpu ones did quality instead of balanced/performance or whatever, but so far somehow the 264 somehow smaller than the 265 same both cpu, same speed/no other tuning settings or anything tapped

skipped 4 since 5 was already taking by far the longest and still did worse

least from memory thought it was with 265 you could bump it to like 24 or something instead of 22 and then the file would start to become smaller obviously

oh yeah lol: 264s is 264 slow, 265s 265slow, g is the gpu set to quality

if do 24 instead of 22 for 265 then little bit smaller then 264s 22, and little bit faster than the 22 265

atleast its the right direction but is still in the land of diminishing returns for me :x

tried 25 seemed to be pretty good visually looked really similar and was like 60% the size. no idea for av1 though prob similar gotta try different constant quality settings