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The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]

(The Lazy) #1

First off. This place is a privledge not a right. Enjoy it but dont abuse it. it Can and will be taken away from those who do abuse it. Rules will be more heavily enforced here because there is no guiding topic for discussion.

Sit back, relax and have some fun m8ā€™s

The Deal Train (online tech deals megathread)

Sup Lounge

(The Lazy) #3



Whats up?

(The Lazy) #5

the sky is but i doubt your satisfied with that answer.

watching youtube but thinking about playing some morrowind


Neat. Iā€™m currently playing Morrowind and on a long walk to the arse end of nowhere.

(The Lazy) #7

the ashlands im guessing


Azuras coast acutally.

(The Lazy) #9

damn thats far

what you doing down there?


Imperial Legion quest to track down and kill somebody from a Daedric cult

(The Lazy) #11

have fun. that cult is mean


yep is gonna be interesting. might stop off somewhere to gear up first.

(The Lazy) #13


im still trying to figure out a good place to get medium armour


yep. need to upgrade mine soon but finding good armour is hard and expensive :frowning:

(The Lazy) #15

yep. im good on money for a little while so thats good.

just need to level some and get better equipment. might look around for some starter quests where you start off


neat. Iā€™m almost totally skint and need to find a good source of money.

(The Lazy) #17

robbing ebony is a good start :smiley:

some earn a quick buck over at solsteim though


yep. I need to find me an ebony mine.

(The Lazy) #19

you can start one in solsteim. is part of the east empire faction quest line


Sounds good. might do that now before I start hunting Daedric cults.