The Saga of Diagnosing the LAG of Wolfleben

As most of you are aware I’ve been having some issues with LAG in games. If it were one game I’d blame the GAME. However, It’s more than one.

What have I done?:
Updated windows.
Updated wireless router.
Turn the Internet cable router off and on again.

What is my internet speed?:
100 mps

Did this work?

Now the PC is connected to the router by wireless router a 50 feet CAT 5e cable.

What am I thinking:
The distance traveled could be an issue but that seems ridiculous. I’m thinking the wireless router is the issue.

What am I going to test next?:
three things -

  • Right next to the Router Connection: I’ll move just my main pc rig right next to the tv and connect to the wireless router at that point with a shorter cat5e cable. This will be the last thing I test if the others don’t work.
  • Switch Connection: Connect the rig to a switch that is connected to the wireless router. This is the 2nd thing I will test if the first doesn’t work.
  • Hardline Connection: Connect the rig directly to the internet cable router. This is the 1st plan. If it works then I know the wireless router is the issue at hand. Problem is with the repairs to my car I can’t get a new router, so I’ll have to make do with what I got till I can but at least I’ll know what the problem is.

If you have any advice. Feel free to give it. I’ll report on the results of the first test soon.

Cable length shouldn’t be an issue at all in whether you have higher latency or not, the quality of the cable and whether it has interference is however a factor, does this run by or near any main power cables or outlets and does the cable have shielding?

Switching happens at a separate layer and ultimately to reach the internet the traffic will have to go through the router regardless so using a switch vs directly connecting to the routers Ethernet ports will only add latency as there is another step for the traffic to go through.

yes this is mostly likely your best bet at diagnosing the issue, as an aside have you also checked if the wireless router has any QoS on it? sometimes that can severally effect latency in games if it isn’t setup right and could be halting gaming packets in the queue?

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It does have QoS but I turned it off. So problem with direct connection, the cable internet router doesn’t have an assigned ip address according to windows so that option is a no go. I’m going to poke around the gui for the router and see what I find.

Yes. I can confirm the Wireless router is the problem. I’ll need to get a new one.

Problem has been diagnosed. Thread is locked.