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What are you currently listening too?


(The Lazy) #161

Note to self. browsing reddit.com/r/LSD while high and listening to this is pretty amazing


Sounds like a good time. maybe i’ll have to try that sometime, this song is amazing though and relaxing :smiley:

(The Lazy) #163


I see you listening to this again, is a pretty good song though

(The Lazy) #165

is just soo calming


yep it hits the smooth relaxing spot, its as if it flows so easily.




Albums with “remastered” in the title usually get scoffed at. How’s this one compared to the original?


The audiophiles will tell you that it’s the worst thing to ever happen to the album, and immediately point to about 20-30 seconds of “TVC15” where the brass is too loud or some other nonsense. Everyone else who doesn’t collect the multitude of remasters ('99, '06, '10 are the others that I know of) will tell you it sounds a bit cleaner but overall unscathed. I think it sounds fine.

Supposedly this is also the last remaster that Bowie personally reviewed before his death, so there’s that.



Pretty solid album imo.


(The Lazy) #174


This is basically an Aussie shitpost in the form of glorious psych rock. Chronological songs with absurd videos.

7 man acoustical Vulture suit with fucking laser eyes.





(The Lazy) #179


It’s been a slow burn but man I keep coming back to this song. The whole album is great but this one just ticks all the right boxes.