What are you watching? Also short reviews

what ending did you get?

Haven’t watched it yet.

is pretty short to get to an ending(like 1/2hr or something to do all of the choices if you open in new window or whatev)

was pretty cool


In Gotham City, mentally troubled comedian Arthur Fleck is disregarded and mistreated by society. He then embarks on a downward spiral of revolution and bloody crime. This path brings him face-to-face with his alter-ego: the Joker.


I wanted to see for myself what all the (negative) hype was all about.
For anyone who hasn’t seen it: if you’re expecting some action packed origin story like Batman Begins - this isn’t one.

About 3/4 of the movie I’d put it more into the drama category, rather than movie about a comic villain.
It’s honestly sad to see how Arthur struggles with his daily life, the set-backs he has almost every day, how his mental state is decreasing.
BUT: that’s not an excuse to say “fuck it” and become a murderer know as the Joker. If anything it just shows the gap between the rich and powerful and the rest, how little they even bother giving a shit about the “common man”.

On the other hand, the last few minutes very much fit the “comic figure origin story” glove. I could see this very well lead into a new Batman movie or even another Joker movie in the style of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy (which would somewhat contrast this movie because there’s a lot of action going on in Nolan’s trilogy).

What I like about it is how I somehow wanted to understand and empathize with the protagonist (which actually turns out to be/into an antagonist) but I just couldn’t do it. I get that life sometimes kicks you in the nuts and you’re frustrated with how the world treats you. But the movie does a good job at preventing that and shows that Arthur’s actions are not justified. Sometime I felt like cheering him on but then the movie was like “no…no. that’s no good”.
What I don’t understand is how people can glorify him. I get the memes. They’re funny. But actually thinking the Joker is some sort of hero? Maybe in a society where the rich and powerful don’t give two shits about the rest and some of the citizens are fed up and just waiting for someone to get the ball rolling…oh…oh no. nvm, forget I said anything.
What I’m trying to say is that I can understand how the Joker might appear as a hero who rises against an unfair society, but THIS is not the solution.
Sorry if this got political for a bit, that was not my intention but given the current situation in some countries around the world, I just noticed some parallels.

Conclusion: Overall I liked it. Will I watch it again? Probably not cause I’m no fan of the drama genre. It it gloomy and even depressing at times. But in the end I was entertained.

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Batman: Hush

I had this one in my collection for a while now but just right when it arrived, I was exiting my “batman phase”.

When threads from Batman’s past begin to unravel, the race is on for him to crack Hush’s deadly game. Strange alliances will form and shattering secrets will be revealed when Hush’s silence is finally broken.

Make of that description what you want. It doesn’t match the story at all (imo).

I had high hopes for this one. The comic is still collecting dust in a cupboard but I want to read it so I can compare them…eventually.

This will be a short one: I’m disappointed. The story started off quite promising and had so many characters involved. But then it suddenly took a turn I think was lame and destroyed the very interesting progression.

I think of all the animated Batman movies this is the weakest so far. Even Batman Ninja was better which had some very obvious CGI.
Which is sad and disappointing cause the graphics department did a damn fine job with Batman: Hush. It looks great.

Conclusion: if you’re a fan of the rich, crazy guy who likes to wear a costume and beat up people, yeah, then if you get it on sale somewhere it’s okay.

Son of Batman

I watched this before but after Joker I got into the mood for more Batman stuff again.

Batman learns he has a violent, unruly pre-teen son, secretly raised by the terrorist group the League of Assassins.

IMDB - Son of Batman

I’ll try to keep it spoiler free but the most important stuff is already revealed within the first couple of minutes and in the title.
Batman has a son and he’s forced to take care of him.

I’ve always preferred the stories where Batman acts alone, does detective work and hunts down the villains.
Robin, Nightwing, etc. I never really liked. Especially the younger ones cause they tend to be overconfident brats without discipline. Batman has a code and while dealing with the villains, he also has to look after his partners which can become a hindrance.

For anyone who wants a summary full of spoilers that basically tells the whole story, here you go:

Ra’s al Ghul is dead. After an attack by on his base lead by his former student Slade Wilson - known as Deathstroke - he fails to make it to the Lazarus Pit to recover and dies. His daughter Talia and his grandson Damien. Talia then meets with Batman and tells him he has a son, Damien, and that he’s now in his care. She intends to hunt down Deathstroke with help of the League of Assassins to get revenge.
Meanwhile, Batman has a hard time taming Damien, who has been taught by Ra’s to strike hard and without mercy.
Deathstroke kidnaps a scientist who worked for Ra’s in order to develop the perfect assassin: genetically modified humans, turned into Manbats. He holds the scientist’s family hostage and forces him to work for him now.
Batman and Damien - now as the new Robin - follow leads in order to find Deathstroke.
After a failed attempt at raiding Deathstroke’s base, Talia is captured and tortured, and used as bait to get Damien to come to Deathstroke (he wants revenge because Damien damaged his right eye when he attacked Ra’s’ base).
Damien attempts to go to the oil rig where Deathstroke waits for him himself (but is followed by Batman and Nightwing). He discovers that under the oil rig at the bottom of the ocean Deathstroke set up a new Lazarus Pit (and also keeps a lot of Manbats there). Damien and Batman rescue Talia, Damien goes after Deathstroke and defeats him. Being taught by Batman now, he struggles but refuses to deal the final blow.
The base under the oil rig blows up but Batman, Damien and Talia make it out alive in a rescue pod. Nightwing and the scientist come to their rescue and simultaneously shoot an antidote at the escaping Manbats that turns them back into humans.
When Batman and Talia part ways, Damien decides to stay with Batman.

Like I said, I’m not a fan of Batman’s sidekicks. And brats annoy me to no end. But I like it better than Batman vs. Robin (partially based on the comic Court of Owls).

Bordertown - A non spoiler review
This is a Finnish Detective procedural show. However it raises the bar and does things a bit different. One the crime is not instantly solved. Two the show does give you clues but it isn’t obvious as to where it will lead because it’s just one piece.

The main character of the show is Kari. His character is a bit quirky but it makes sense for him to be that way. You got to watch the show and you’re given clues about it. Not the main focus but it does make sense.

The other casts are good in their roles.

What about the mysteries?: There stuff America Detective Shows wouldn’t go near unless they were HBO. They were genuinely engaging for me. I had to pay attention and put the clues together and see if I was right. Thing was these pieces weren’t given all at once. Each mystery takes the Crime Unit time to solve, it’s clear that time is more than just one day.

I watched it in Finnish with English sub titles.

I absolutely enjoyed it. If your looking for a different type of procedural show with engaging mysteries, I do recommend this.

If it ever came out on disc in the US I’d buy it.


As a person who has read all of the Major Batman stories until 2009, I can tell you the comic/graphic novel Batman Hush is also disappointing. The artwork is great because it’s Jim Lee, and he is no slouch of an artist. Had good ideas but the execution failed to deliver. Which is a bit weird because Jeph Loeb who wrote Batman Hush also wrote Batman Long Halloween. And Batman Long Halloween is one of the best Batman stories written, not the only one though.

I do know there is a plan to make an animated film of that story. I’m curious to see how faithful it will be. Wait and see.

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That’s exactly why I got Hush, cause I loved reading The Long Halloween, Dark Victory and When in Rome.

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A non Spoiler Review of Splice
I’d be meaning to see this film for a bit. Here is the thing - This isn’t a horror film or hell a creature film. It’s a high budget Outer Limits Revival (90’s Outer Limits) episode. No joke. There were too many moments just made bother me as a writer. There aren’t suddenly out of nowhere events. However the main characters behaviors are badly inconsistent. The main design of the creature is kinda neat but that’s really the only good things about this film. The plot is a mess. The story is a mess. The ending is a mess. This film is not worth owning. I can not recommend watching unless you watch with a group of friends to snark at, make fun of all the bad stuff.
For me this goes into a special PURGE category for me, I know I saw it but unless someone brings the film up or ask if it is good, I act like the film never existed.
TLDR - I did not enjoy this film. Creature design was neat though.


I remember nothing about significant about this movie besides dna being spliced into people make scary rapey monster. Film had great potential if they focused on the story and plot though. Really liked the idea but poor execution.


Crimson Peak - A non Spoiler Review:
This is not my first time I’ve seen this film. I really like Guillermo del Toro as a director. Especially when people just let him do what he wants and not interfere, invitation for anyone to ask me what happened with him and the Hobbit… short version he got pushed out. This is a horror film I really like it. Now it is not perfect. However I want to focus on what it does well: Tone. It has that rare tone of horror. You know the old school dread of you know something terrible is going to happen but it’s a slow process. The characters stay consistent. The music is really good for the film. The house itself is a character as well and they did a really good job. You’re reading this and probably thinking well what’s the problem. The “scares” just made me shrug and they were cheap jump scares mostly. I do own this film and will rewatch it throughout the years. Would I recommend this? Yes but understand you are walking into a slow burn horror film that isn’t perfect but overall I’d put it as good.

Why am I watching horror stuff?: I don’t know if many of you know this but horror is kinda like my jam. I really like good horror and when I start to watch one it leads to a domino effect of me watching other horror films and stuff. Also rewatching horror that I’ve already seen. So get ready for a slew of mini non spoiler review of horror films and tv shows I’ve watched or am watching.


The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor - Non Spoiler Review
They are both on Netflix…

Yes these are both TV Horror shows. Also they are separate but they are directed and written by the same people. So I felt it appropriate to write a non spoiler review of both because what I have to say about them is almost the exact same thing. See these are Anthologies… ie standing alone but themes are similar. That theme being horror.

What both of these do with horror, they do it extremely well. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. They get horror and they get it right. The horror they do in both is perfect and clever. It’s subtle. Some unexpected. But all executed masterfully.

Let me talk about the catch and let me quote Elmore first, “If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it.” Why am I quoting that. Dear friends this also applies to scripts especially scripts that have what I call “DRAMA JUST TO HAVE DRAMA”. Now this doesn’t mean drama is bad or should be dropped but there is such a thing as having too much and poor execution. Both of these show suffer from that. The 1st one is the worst offender. The drama drowns out a lot and distracts from the story. If a viewer can tell you the writer are just putting drama into the story because drama is needed for the story, then you have failed as a writer. Drama happens natural over the course of time, just like horror. It isn’t suddenly out of nowhere. Nor is it you give a character an issue just because that’s what the trope demands and now it leads to drama. How in the world do you get horror right but you fail at drama? This is a literal paradox. The 2nd show started off very promising and if it had stayed with that very promising start I would have been happy with it. BUT NO. The 2nd show fell into the drama trap like the other one did. ARGH. Maybe they’ll get it right with a 3rd haunting show but I doubt it.

Would I recommend this?: For the Horror Yes but just be ready to deal with drama that is a tad overkill. This ends up with both being just okay. Which frustrates me because they could have been perfect and I see that.


Pan’s Labyrinth - Non Spoiler Review Watched in the OG Spanish with English Subs
I did say I really liked Guillermo del Toro as a director and this is part of why. This film is perfect by my standards. And you know my standards are very high. This is a horror film in two ways: Imaginary and the real. The main character is a child and for her both of these are real. Just in case I’m going to blur a few vague statements that could be consider spoilerish (I don’t directly spoil but I feel it safe to blur. Please do not read if you have not seen the film.) The film also expertly weaves the story of love between a sister and her baby sibling. Legit this film is how you test if a person has a soul because there is no way you will have not strong emotions to events.. Child actors are tricky but the main character is solid. The aspects of horror work with the story of the film. The design of the creatures was neat. It’s not a scary film per say but still a horror film. The pacing is solid. The soundtrack for this film is a work of art all on it’s own and hauntingly beautiful. Why did I watch this in Spanish when there is an English Dub? Two reasons: One I always watch a film in it’s original language with English subtitles. Two is a very important one Rhythm. The rhythm of the Spanish language for this film just enhances the story it is telling. It was also how the director intended for it to be watched.

Would I recommend this film?: Yes with a caveat of brace for feels.

This film achieved the rare honor of being a film by which I measure other films of it’s kind against and that is no small feat.


the future they promised: cyberpunk 2077 but not buggy

the future we are gonna get:

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Watched Deadpool cause it’s free on Prime.

idk, it was okay, I guess?
tbh, I don’t understand the hype. There wasn’t really much going on, just your average origin story but it was really stretched out and nothing much else happened afterwards.
Some stuff seemed forced like the Hello Kitty toothpaste (I think that what it was) right the start of the movie. Why? “Brutal action movie, so the silly pink thing seems out of place and that makes it funny”?
Some scenes were kinda serious, then others a bit over the top with humor.
Overall I personally think it’s overhyped. It’s an okay movie to shut off your brain and just watch some action and laugh at some jokes.
Oh, but they had full on nudity in a scene, so that’s a plus. Would watch again just for that.

To be fair, if Amazon had the 2nd movie included in Prime too I would’ve watched it. I’m not paying 4€ to watch it or 6€ for a digital copy. Maybe some day when there’s a box with both movies for 10€.

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I think the majority of the hype is because it was countering the marvel and normal DC styles of movies coming out at the time; specifically the avengers. Watching it now, and the second one after it without that surrounding… conflict? Culture? Whatever it would be called makes it a lot less amusing. I still like the movie but the second one is much better to go back and rewatch now; especially the extended/uncut version of the second movie.

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Yeah, I can see the appeal and remember the surprise on the internet when there was suddenly a Rated R Marvel movie.
DC was always a bit more depressing and less Happy Ending than Marvel, so the impact wouldn’t have been all that big.

Weird enough, though: both movies are 16+ here which is the same as Wolverine, Birds of Prey/Suicide Squad, Lord of the Rings. No idea what exactly makes a movie 18+ here. John Wick 3 for example is 18+. But Deadpool is already pretty brutal with all the killing, yet it’s only 16+.

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cause he was all

and apparently being a giant douche is gud comedy

besides he was a hit actor at the time

other than the back and forth with tj miller, and the old lady, was pree blah, the intro stuff with the whole try hard edgeboi making fun of the producer etc in text pretty forced, not funny at all, mostly pree bad anytime they tried a bit with him narrating

not super terrible atleast

Idolizing antagonists.