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This is the Discussion Thread for Wolfleben’s Weekly PROG Featuring Judge Night

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Why Judge Night?
There are two names to keep in mind when it comes to Dredd. John Wagner and Alan Grant. The two of shaped and formed the foundation for Judge Dredd. The two of them stop collaborating. Grant focused on writing just Judge Anderson stories. Wagner is still one of the writers for Dredd. When he writes Dredd, you know your in for a good story. This practice story has always been about writing a story as if it was featured weekly in 2000AD. So why am I not writing about Dredd or Anderson?

I wanted my own character that I could do what I want with. I also feel that I have no earned that right to write Dredd or Anderson. They will never be in this comic. I like Amber Night. She’s a little like Dredd except she happens to be a PSI with fire powers. You as the reader will get to know her better in this arc and just how far she will go for justice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the story so far and you keep reading it.


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