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Its… Actually really awesome lol. I wouldn’t expect it ever but after trying it is one of my favorite types of dark beer (not necessarily the peanut butter but definitely the chocolate).
Makes for … I would compare it almost to a chocolate peanut butter shake… No, chocolate peanut butter malt in flavor. Which is awesome.

In other news now having a Schell’s Firebrick which is a Vienna style Amber lager and its quite good. A typical Red/Amber ale in very German style.


Had one once. Didn’t quite get the caramel note.
But Kellerbier/Zwickl is good. Kinda softer than filtered beer.

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Chocolate beer is amazing.

My favorite chocolate beer:


I like ambers and reds when I feel like a stronger beer but don’t want a Stout/dark beer- a red/amber is imo the perfect inbetween. Can be quite awesome if made well.


That is one of my favorites, for stouts anyway. Although there’s one that’s even better than that that’s a similar flavor profile… But a milk stout. Which I need to look up again lol. As awesome when I had it- possibly the only one better that I’ve had so far.

The only other “flavored” beer I absolutely love (but is fucking dangerous lmao) is Sprechers Hard Root beer. You can only get it at the brewery (and for good reason lol). It is like 5.5% or something… But tastes exactly like normal Sprechers root beer. Damn, is that dangerous rofl.


latest haul. still have some leines to go through but i mean… free stein with the sam adams was worth it rofl.

the 12th of Never is kindof interesting, a light pale ale at 5.5% tastes like its hoppy and almost a dry tropical fruit, which is kindof neat. I like it more than a lot of IPA/pale ales i’ve tried so far so not bad at all.
BFD is a somewhat hoppy, but super crisp golden ale so it lives up to the name of being a “Beer For Drinking” lol.
Have not tried the sam adams yet, waiting for it to chill before trying it.

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Octoberfest is my favorite Sam Adams beer


generally i ignore sam adams for the fact that it’s rather expensive here when I can get Leines instead for much cheaper, but man with a stein it was a good deal lol. I do love octoberfest beers, reds are some of my favorite beers… though it still bothers me that Oktorberfest is in September to celebrate the coming of October normally but mehhh muricans and damn misinterpretations lol

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Leines is very rare around here… The summer shandy is easy to find, but anything else you have to go to a specialty shop.


figures, east coast beer is cheap in the east coast and midwest beer is cheap in the midwest… oh wait xD

but sam adams is generally good stuff i just can’t really justify it when it costs as much as craft beer here and… well, craft beer lol.

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I mean technically Sam Adams is craft beer… but it’s been around so long and has gotten so big it’s pretty much mainstream at this point


it, unlike Leinenkugels, is privately owned (but is big enough to be nationally distributed) so it only sortof counts as mainstream. but it basically is like Leines lol but privately owned. I guess would be regional mainstream? something like that.


The Oktoberfest is quite good.


Inventory sales are awesome rofl.


My favorite time of year as far as shandys are concerned lol.


Good stuff. From an earlier post. A “strong” golden ale, tastes like a light beer bur magically is 8.5% alc Lol.


this… tastes like a Neapolitan. not sure how to feel about that but its good anyway lol.


On an earlier topic made this note for a reminder if anyone that isn’t me wants this stuff lol.

Also will be trying… A coconut? Stout later so will see how that is. I don’t know how to feel about it ATM lol.

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I mean. There’s a whole bunch at my local liquor store but doing shipping probably costs as much as the bottle of Gühwein does lol.
I think I read that right but. Is meme. Lol.