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Also. Lol this name. But is… A mix of chocolate and coconut which is actually great


It ain’t that hard making your own Glühwein.

|3 |Pcs |Cinnamon sticks|
|1 |Pcs |Lemons|
|1 |Pcs |Oranges|
|6 |Pcs |Cloves|
|1 |L |Red Wine|
|4 |Tablespoons |Sugar (crystal, not powdered|

Heat up the red wine with the ingredients and cest of the orange and lemon for an hour (with the lid on but don’t cook it).

Allow to infuse for 1/2 hour after that. Filtrate with a sieve. Reheat if necessary for consumption.

Garnish with with a slice of orange on the rim of the cup/glass.




One of my favorite beers, is way better in Germany though lol.


Beer from a brewery @Dje4321 may or may not recognize lol.

Also got some more Köstrißer Schwarzbier because reasons.

(The Lazy) #66


Fuck off with that shite


Rofl. 10/10 gud response


Made an Irish car bomb… It’s… Different, a shot of whiskey + Irish cream + Guinness.
Almost like a ice cream float in flavors lol. Except all alcohol.


Got some assorted beer but also this… It’s quite good. It’s the 95 rye.
Smooth, strong, and flavorful.


Wooo. Just got back from family friends party and well… We all had 2oz tasters of all these beers and even so after 2 hours we were all drunk lol. But great beer so not even mad. They were basically all 9% or more though so makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:
One in particular I found good:

(The Drunken Dragon) #71

Got a new rum:

Makes excellent rum and coke, and is 80 proof. May be my new go to since it ssd just a tad more expensive than kraken, but is more subtle in the drink. It compliments the coke better.


Latest haul.
Better pic of the dragon flute:

Just tried the above dragon flute, not bad. Would describe it as an Amber pale ale.


Tried the Oakspire, it’s good. Not $12 for a six pack good, but still. It’s a strong, barrel aged Amber beer… Super smooth, but warm like whiskey… Dangerous as it’s a 9% but good.

I probably won’t get it again unless it’s cheaper… Although, it’s one of the cheapest barrel aged options here and it is definitely good so maybe.

(The Drunken Dragon) #74


Picked this rum up since I wanted something new and it was the only one in that shop I hadn’t had before.

My review of this rum: it sucks. like… it’s offensively bad…

(The Drunken Dragon) #75

One of my favorite cocktails


I was feeling particularly WI today so lol. Description is accurate.
Also got a 24 pack of leinenkugels because for $10 you can’t go wrong lol.


Got all this for $36. Mainly because the bourbon was on sale for $10 instead of the usual $25 it is, and it’s surprisingly good.

The surly was on massive sale as well, lol…


Made some beer green for st Paddy’s day; just need to add food coloring to whatever light beer to make a similar thing.


It’s healthy I swear


Annoyed that I can’t have alcohol in the tech school dorms (it does make sense though) because the BX shop has epic pricing on alcohol and it’s tax free lol. Oh well, will just have to wait till I’m stationed at my first base in October to use the BX for that.