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None of the those really peaked my interest except violet evergarden. There’s been a lull in the type of shows I enjoy the most. I tend to find more serious anime the most enjoyable but there haven’t been any good ones lately that I’ve come across. I’ll watch SoL (I mostly watch them when I get bored), but in general I don’t care much for it I end up dropping them a lot.


Yuru Camp is wholesome. I have no interest in actually going camping cause I know I’m not cut out for sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag. 4 music festivals were enough for me to come to that conclusion. But that show really makes it look like a neat hobby.


You want wholesome? Amanchu Advance (which is the 2nd season).
Anime about diving (not really into it myself), but it’s entertaining.

And what about that one?

Gaming crazed otaku and a fujoshi? That has at least some potential.

Oh, and that one sounds interesting too.

This one too.

Aside from the “big ones” (Food Wars, Boku no Hero S3, SAO).

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I went camping with my family a lot when I was a kid, good times.

(The Drunken Dragon) #45

Yeah I’ll watch that after I watch the first season, whenever that will be.

Again, just additional seasons of stuff. I probably won’t watch SAO, but the other 2 are maybes (after I watch the prior seasons of course).

Yeah, that one seems like it could be something.

In addition to that one I’ve selected: Comic Girls, Shiyan Pin Jiating, and Tachibanakan Triangle (because ecchi, shoujo-ai, comedy. could either be pretty great or pretty awful).

3D kanojo is a maybe…


That’s the case for a lot of anime. Yet more than half of them fuck it up somehow. Koi to Uso had a very interesting premise yet it fucked up. Not every story that works as a manga/light novel works as an anime too.


Watching Genshiken. Put it aside a while ago cause most of the characters were annoying (they don’t show otakus in a very flattering way). But since I’m now at season 2 it’s save to say that it’s okay enough for me to keep watching.

(The Drunken Dragon) #48

[size=10] Sigh… [/size]
Adds yet another show to the never ending ptw list

(The Drunken Dragon) #49

I guess either Friday or next week I’ll finally be starting Shimoneta. Depends when I get through the K-on! Ura-On stuff and the Movie.

slowly picking away at that ptw list…

Pretty sure I’ll never catch up to it at this point though…

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Have some faith that one day you might get through it

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I watched B: The Beginning earlier this week on netflix, and it was pretty good. The show is sorta a detective drama with supernatural elements.The animation and soundtrack were both solid, the story was also good if not a little undirected at times. Overall I’d recommend giving the show a watch or adding it to a never ending ptw list.

I also watch seasons 1 and 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt (only 4 ep a pop). The show really hammers home the whole war is miserable point across quite well. It’s got that same classic Gundam action with a cool jazz vibe that gives it a unique feel and tone. I did like the first season more but I thought both were good, recommended.


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Understood post more Gundam stuff. Here’s a quick starter before I go to bed.
Night :kissing_heart:


Replace anime with mecha.


Appropriate time for my only post here lol

Carry on. I will lurk and have no idea what the things you speak of mean but still lol

[spoiler]if it isnt obvious this is a joke[/spoiler]

also thats actually a name? Mecha? How logical.


The genre.



clearly, its not just a random show lol
was saying how logical for once that its named something thats literallly
mech + anime


Never thought about that.

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Oh you just wanted some mecha recommendations I got you.

Here’s a good starter pack for you :kissing_heart:

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Been on a bit of a Gundam kick lately. Just finished Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team and more of that classic Gundam goodness.