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I’m bored which means Netflix anime time. I have no clue what this anime is about i just clicked on it because it was there.

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I enjoy using the “random” button on the site I use

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Like to live life on the wild side I see

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I discovered an anime that somehow the voice of the main character manages to annoy me in both the Japanese and English dub. This is a first for me.

edit: the voices are so bad i can’t watch this


Watch Black Clover. Like, the first 2 min, and you’ll understand.

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so bad :expressionless::gun:


We’re getting Stiens;Gate Elite and Stiens;Gate 0 for PC this year.

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I’ve noticed that a lot more Japanese games in general have been coming to steam over the past year.


Capcom, Konami, Koei Tecmo, Bandai Namco. Well known in the gaming industry for - in some cases - decades.
Or do you mean games styled and/or related to anime?

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Anime styled games specifically JRPGs, but also there has been more pc support from devs that have been primarily console based.


Yeah, there’s been a rise in releases. Somewhere around the time I Am Setsuna launched iirc (could’ve been a bit before that).
The consoles have a bunch more I think. Maybe those companies want some cash from PC gamers too?

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I think there might be a lot of demographic overlap between PC gamers and anime viewers in the west. Also it’s not like console gamers pirate PC games so they’re not going to lose any sales there, and with the difference between consoles and PCs shrinking with each gen, porting probably has gotten easier/cheaper as well.


Porting a game still costs money. I disagree with Totalbiscuit on the view that a pirated game is not proof of a lost potential sale as you can’t proof the person would’ve bought the game in the first place. It’s lost money.

What do you mean? Performance wise? Or using the same architecture?
With PCs you still have to think about input (gamepad vs mouse/keyboard), different hardware configurations, there needs to be a tested limit so people know if their system is likely to be able to run it, etc.

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This affects Japanese devs a lot because Sony overwhelmingly dominates the Japanese gaming market. With the PS4 being x86-64 instead of PowerPC like the PS3 they no longer have to account for that when porting.


Yeah. From what I’ve read the Cell Processor is a pain in the ass to emulate on other hardware, hence the long absence of a PS3 emulator on PC.

But there have been terrible ports for PC regardless of the original platform.

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Anime styled games need to show people that it’s not all virtual novels, dating sims and meh jrpgs made with rpgmaker.
Nier Automata was quite a success and Bayonetta has some inspiration from action anime too.

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Thing is I know people who won’t play them because of the anime like aesthetic. ie caveman


I’m picky and still haven’t got Nier Automata cause the MCs are kinda bland and unlikable imo (also I’m cheap and don’t want to pay that much).

A lot of the games from Japanese companies have some anime flair. Devil May Cry for example. Dante’s personality and the over the top characters would be perfect for an anime.
Even Metal Gear ([spoiler]one of the bosses in Sons of Liberty is a fat guy using explosives and moving on roller skates[/spoiler]).

Maybe it’s more the art style, rather than the flamboyant personalities that puts people off?
Some just won’t give anything a chance just because it’s somehow influenced/related to anime, though.