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(The Lazy) #81

oof. I thought i you made it yourself XD


No, I’m not that baller haha.


Got a new background.

Edit: Just realized how compressed it is, so here’s the full res


I’ve added your info to the top of the thread.


Changed my wallpaper and lockscreen too recently.




Steins;Gate was a pleasant anime to watch. I’m curious to see how this newish will play out and will be watching it.

(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #87

I need something light to watch well I eat any suggestions


How light cause this exist:

(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #89

That’s a little too light



How about the Eccentric Family?:

(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #91

that’ll do thanks

(The Drunken Dragon) #92

Aired today, Very hype.


Also we are getting a season 2. Woot.


Rewatching this. Not in the mood for anything from my ptw list.

(The Drunken Dragon) #95


The ones on my MAL profile aren’t even complete. And neither is my folder. ~100 in my folder + the ones that haben’t aired yet.

(The Drunken Dragon) #97

Mine’s not an all inclusive list… just different franchises and It’s up to 170 atm.


What do you mean? A general ptw for all sorts of movies, shows, etc? Not just anime?

(The Drunken Dragon) #99

No it’s all anime. On MAL ptw list I have 170 or so different anime franchises. I don’t have all the movies, additional seasons, ovas, specials, etc. listed that I am planning on watching (or will most likely watch when the show is questionable on if it could be good or bad). So for something like Ansatsu Kyoushitsu I only have the first season on the list.


Ah, yeah, they don’t bundle franchises so every tiny ova is a separate entry.