Ordered Chaotic Discussions

Introduce Yourself


Oh hey.

I collect GPUs.

Good chat.

(Luke Brown) #22

Hey everyone.

It’s me, from all the other forums.

Guess I’m a bit late to the party :stuck_out_tongue:

Who are you?

Dynamic_Gravity is name, software development is my game (hopefully, still in school and can’t find any dev jobs in my area)

What do you do?

I work helpdesk for Walgreens IT. Not my dream job but it pays the bills a lot better than retail or phone support did (with a now defunct company).

What caused you to come to the forums?

I read @Dje4321 profile and this link was posted there.

(Chown -R Us /base) #23

Who are you?
I’m a quiet but sometimes opinionated person. I yearn for knowledge on various subjects. Enjoy sharing and inspiring.

What do you do?
Build things and hobbies. Electronics, programming, 2D/3D art, computers, cars, engines, boats, radio-control vehicles. Professionally a building automation engineer? (Also do IT, graphic design and tech work) swiss army nerd

What caused you to come to the forums?
Found my way following the folks at L1/TS.

(Jeff D.) #24

Yo. I’m Laz.
I’m a college student trying not to pull his hair out every day.
Came here because @Dje4321 sent me here, so blame them.

(Legend) #25

Okay, since you asked.

tsk, I’m interested in cars, women, food and mobile devices, I also enjoy gaming although I don’t do it much.

I sell liquified dinosaurs and I’m an investor.
I’m here cause I was looking for a discourse forum, and I stumbled upon this one.

The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]
(Chris) #26

Woah, what’s going on here? :sunglasses:

My name is DevAdmin (no relation).

I am a DevOps Engineer for a SaaS company. I do cool things with PHP, Java, Golang, Ruby, Bash, and Python :nerd_face:

I was drawn here because I left a bigger impact on another community than I thought. I needed some time off for personal and professional reasons. I’m starting to get my feet wet back into Linux/Tech communities and have only felt mostly home at one place.

(Jesse) #27

Sup im just a Junior College student studying computer info systems

I just meme and dream while getting through school

I came to the forums at the hint of @Dje4321 dropping it in my brothers Discord
I like communities and surrounding myself with peers of the same interests

In the words of The IT Crowd

Im here to drink milk and kick ass, and im all out of milk


Hello new place.


I am Zuul


I do everything I can (so not much)


New place for more informed people to laugh at my pain