Ordered Chaotic Discussions

Name Change and Administration Update


ye would be cool to have something like o.cd but could be possible with some word play:


(Chown -R Us /base) #22

This seems cool, and simple. The .life one is neat too.


and of course



The second one really captures the essence of what this place is like to me :roll_eyes:

(Chown -R Us /base) #24



I already have a thought on that one for a domain. 0cd.xyz. zero is the start of the chaotic discussion of everything. its also quite short and kinda rolls of the tongue too.


(Dingus) #26

You guys probably dont want it but I would happily let you guys use my adubs.net for free :wink:

(The Lazy) #27

Thanks but should be good with a domain

(The Lazy) #28

We have a new name. More updates as we move along

(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #29

Called it! I knew that what ever the new name was going to be, @wolfleben would be the one to come up it.

(The Lazy) #30

You might have gotten it if you put in more effort =P


I can’t trust @Main_Main he doesn’t even English :stuck_out_tongue:

(🤢I don't english good 🤮) #32

I am unfamiliar with this concept.

(Legend) #33

Too late for submissions?

Call the place antimatter4D

(Chown -R Us /base) #34

Redirect already up.



(The Lazy) #35

Very much so

(The Lazy) #36

Thoughts on this as a logo?


(Chown -R Us /base) #37

Looks OK.
My only tips are keep in mind how it looks as a silhouette. And how it looks scaled very small.

(The Lazy) #38


need to make the lines darker but should scale fine.

(Toxic Bugs Bunny) #39

If yall need a host I can set up a box. Won’t be amazeballs but with 40 users or so its not like it’d be a horror. I’m working on network upgrades as is, in house gigabit, firewalls, actual switches, etc, so if you need it lemme know.

(The Lazy) #40

Appreciate the offer but our current setup is doing plenty for us.