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Introduce Yourself ( 2 ) [OCD] (27)

Thought i would kick off the forums with a introduction thread. Who are you? What do you do? What caused you to come to the forums? etc… Welcome to the forums and we hope you stay :slight_smile:

CubedCorps Rules [OCD] (3)

If this is your first time at CubedCorps, welcome to our community forums! If you are here just to read the rules, please proceed below. Please read the FAQ for the The Universal Rule of Civilized Discourse for being a …

About the OCD category [OCD] (2)
Welcome to OCD [OCD] (3)

Welcome to the Ordered Chaotic Discussions Forums. This is a place where civilized discussion about Technology, Infosec and gaming. Everyone from newbs to enthusiasts are welcome. Our main website is https://0cd.xyz whe…

Decent Discourse Tutorial - TL3/TL4 [DRAFT] [Decent Discourse Tutorial] (1)
Decent Discourse Tutorial - TL2 [DRAFT] [Decent Discourse Tutorial] (1)
Name Change and Administration Update ( 2 ) [OCD] (38)
Forum Information [OCD] (3)
Forum Maintenance & Status [Meta] (4)

General thread that will updated with any scheduled or unscheduled maintenance along with any kind of status updates Any form of questions, discussions, etc can be done here https://forum.0cd.xyz/t/forum-mainten…

Decent Discourse Tutorial - TL1 [DRAFT] [Decent Discourse Tutorial] (3)
Decent Discourse Tutorial - TL0 [DRAFT] [Decent Discourse Tutorial] (8)
[Official] Cubedcorps UHC Minecraft 1.12.2 Server ( 2 ) [OCD] (33)
PC Gaming in the Living Room [Video and Article] [OCD] (1)