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Name Change and Administration Update

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Caveman is stepping down as admin and @lancec19 is pulling the domain along with the name from the forum. As such we are left in a situation with no domain or name to call ourselves. This is where the community comes in. We are having a community contest to come up with a new name to call this place. Please post your submissions below, a custom badge along with regular status will be given as an award for the winning submission. Name must be clean to be eligible for the prize. Winner will be picked by @staff.

The Lounge 0001 [From the Beginning]
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Pawning off the burden of creativity on to the rest of us eh.


idk, what do you guys think the theme of the site is? As it stands now, tech-related stuff is more a side-topic with the lounge being the main focus. Even the other active threads aren’t tech-related.

@Dje4321 @Michael What direction do you want to go? What do you want this place to be?

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A direction that focuses on community. This place is a tech place now because the people here enjoy technology. This place lives and dies by the very community supporting it. Without them there would be nothing for us to head towards the future with.

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Just letting community take control


Forumy McForumface

[spoiler]It had to be done[/spoiler]


I saw this coming :woman_facepalming:


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You think its funny we figured this would be the winning answer if people voted XD

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This popped into my head

brainotorium (brain - o - torium)


forgive me for possibly sounding stupid but what is the meaning of torium?

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absolutely nothing lol


lol then i guess it can mean whatever we want it to XD


In this case it’s used for indicating a place.


auditōrium, -ī lecture room

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“A place for the mind”




Coming up with a name… hmm.

How about three:

Parallel Thinking

Ordered Chaotic Discussions

Prism Outlook


I like this because we could call it OCD for short.

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I like these two

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getting a domain might be hard though