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Philosophical High times with Dje4321



ye it matches perfectly, I totally didn’t realize this matched your theory when first watching the video XD

you have to admit though this was ingenious at the time for getting one over on the stock market.

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it just probes my point at how much information you can pass along by doing the subtle things


ye I mean who would even suspect packages of clothing of a certain colour would set off a signal that reaches the furthest parts of the country relaying information on the stock markets and that seemingly those messages through signals meant what they really did.

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Different economies in one sentence because reasons.

Communist: “Only take what you need”
Capitalist: “Take what you can afford”
Socialist: “Work and your needs will be handled”
Anarchist: “Do as you please but mind your own”

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Is our problem with fake news because we are not encouraging the truth or because we enjoy lies more?


the news figured out drama sells in the 80s and since then has been… well, yeah lol


Maybe a little of both? people tend to be drawn to extravagant and shocking stories and the real news doesn’t sell as much and there’s also a factor of a lot of people not wanting to know the true because it might hurt too much to create their own narrative.

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So our problem is capitalism?

Возьмите вилы


less capitalism, more what people are interested in.
most people don’t give a damn about news, as they think it’s boring but
omg look a man saving a cat from a sewer what a hero
… etc.

personally i like local news shows (sometimes) as they (also sometimes) just are actual news lol.


maybe partly, money, wealth, and popularity is always a strong motivator and if the truth doesn’t appeal to your audience because they either don’t find it interesting or offensive but a liberal interpretation of the news does then it will naturally skew that towards a different narrative even if the it isn’t intentional at first. Sort of like the news is more for entertainment and the reaction it gets on social media than factual information.

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Im interested in seeing hows china social credit system works out. It could be a critical step towards a “utopian” society. I dont agree with how they are implementing it to control the flow of information but it could lead to interesting things.


Ignoring the potential ethical side of mass surveillance and peoples privacy such a system in a “utopian” society I could being used to better understand the population which could assist in automating many government and social services so that there more streamlined and efficient. The systems could use the social score to gauge their intentions or could be further be expanded to include other information such as that was used to define the score to tailor specific services to those individuals. this could be a hugely beneficial to industries like healthcare, transport and law enforcement as the flow of information on people and how they live their lives could find trends to better react to such situations and how traffic is diverted or for infection control to stop the spread of deadly diseases or how better to treat certain conditions.

This could also help do away with concepts like physically paying for goods entirely as everyone will know who you are and your trust factor. think the automated amazon store but it works everywhere and you can just take what you want and walk away with it being automatically charged to your account, need a bus ride or rent a bike to get around town, just get on, sit down and get to where you need to go.