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(The Lazy) #1

A place where i will post any interesting questions, ideas, etc. I will probably be under the influence of organic compounds most of the time so bear with me when i struggle to convey my internal ramblings.

Discussion is encouraged but its just discussion. Dont ruin it for other people by getting butt hurt.

Lets start off with my most recent pondering

We are starting too see gender-swapped reboots of movies, tv shows, etc more often. At what point does it happen to be a cultural norm? not really expected of a show to have a gender swapped version but not really being played off as a cash grab either. At what point does it become cultural expectation? Where a show not having a gender swapped version could be seen as trying to cheapen out on production costs.


I’ll put my previous reply here for posterity’s sake.

(The Lazy) #3

Was thinking about long term space travel and how its going to end up in the really long term. Ive come to a conclusion about the nature of space guns and how that is going to work out in the end.

We have a 100% chance of getting space guns for the simple fact that you can easily just fly away to some random ass spot in the solar system and just work on it. Your lab could be the size of a decent sized city and there would be no way to even detect your there unless you are close enough to even see them. So the question is what do we do about it? Do we just sit around and wait for it too happen or do we become preemptive? What if that breeds decent among the population about the government not caring for the safety of their citizens.

So we now have space guns. That means we get space pirates :smiley:. How are we going to deal with them? Does each planet have its own form of government with its own private militia. Do we just form as a federated union that governs everything space related. Why not just leave it up to the ships to deal with the pirates?


You are right in that if they is likely very little in the way that we can do to this from happening as for what we do about I’m not sure. A proactive approach would be to scatter sensor arrays around the solar system in an attempt to track ships that shuttle resources and product to and from the labs/factories than trying to locate the labs themselves.

Dealing with space pirates will prove to be very difficult because if this happens it is unlikely that we are going to get actual space combat between ships as It would be nearly impossible to track and fire at each other and still being able to adjust and recalculate allow up strike which would make ship to ship combat very slow. Instead I foresee guerrilla style combat on installations and space stations, planets, etc. it is relatively easy to hit an object in space that isn’t moving by just accelerating and object into it from really far distances.

From the defense point of view these places would need sophisticated sensor and weapons systems that are able to track and destroy any fast moving objects coming towards them or deploy a shrapnel field which would help prevent any objects like this passing through without being destroyed first.

In this instance I feel that a federated union would make more sense as it would require infrastructure around the system to effectively deal with these type of threats. Going it alone would make everything and easy target to the pirates as they would be little anyone could do on their own to stop them as they can strike and just disappear into space at a moments notice.

(The Lazy) #5

So what would happen if youtube transitioned away from encouraging creators to upload daily to more thoughtout and well produced content that is uploaded every couple of days or even once a week? Would your source of creators increase to make up the difference or does the amount of youtube content go dry? How would this affect the platform in terms of viewership? Do people find other sources for their content like netflix, hulu, vimeo, etc or do they broaden their interests to make up the difference?

So what would happen if youtube transitioned away from encouraging creators to upload daily to more thoughtout and well produced content that is uploaded every couple of days or even once a week?

You would probably see a very big shift in quality as people can spend even a day or two to work on a video instead of trying to crank out 2 or 3 videos each day. This also would have the profound effect of bringing in more creators who can work on the video and still manage to have a normal life.

Would your source of creators increase to make up the difference or does the amount of youtube content go dry?

I would expect a blend of both. Creators would increase because creating content would be easier though the amount of content to drop some. Viewership might increase because of this since the content would be worthing watching since people can actually put time into it.

Do people find other sources for their content like netflix, hulu, vimeo, etc or do they broaden their interests to make up the difference?

I think the majority of people who watch youtube enough for the slight dip in quantity is gonna stay regardless as they have choosen it as the platform they are going to use to consume media. How they make up the difference is up to them. Maybe the increase in creators could make up the difference or they just deal with it and game instead.


If this happened the source of creators would definitely increase by a significant amount but whether that could offset the amount of overall content I’m not sure. The actual amount of videos would decrease by a fair amount but instead would be replaced by much longer and well thought out videos and overall I feel that watch time for individual creators would increase and they’d see much better engagement from their audience than they do now, with viewers now having more time to get involved in the content they consume and have their say which would only further boost the relevance of the content and support the creators to make even better videos for their viewers.

What sets places like Netflix and Hulu apart from Youtube is structured well produced content and I feel that if Youtube were to go this route the opposite might start to happen with viewers favoring Youtube over those platforms. With an increasing number of creators with more time the standard of the content will increase and allow them to get more creative with their videos which I feel would be more direct competition for those platforms with viewers subscribing to larger variety of creators with a diversity of different content to consume.

(The Lazy) #7

A VERY dark but interesting story idea i had.

It starts off with a single person inspired by their towns homeless situation to try and do something about it. They try too accomplish that by starting a for profit comany that helps assign people to jobs that suit them to the task they are good at. the company is for profit because the mentors that they asked guidance from have intentionally led them to a corrupt path.

They start expanding the company to beyond homeless people and soon after too other cities. Along ever step they take some kind of shortcut to either cut costs or gain a advantage of it competitors to squash them out. The shortcut could be either cutting costs on like the time spent checking applications, bribing stores to only use their service to get a bigger monopoly.

Eventually they get so big that rumors of the government getting involved starts to go around. This forces them into the lobbying game to try and keep there position. It has such a positive effect at not only shutting the government up but also bending the law into their favor.

At this point the character eventually realizes what they have done to not only the company but the government and society. They try and spread word but what has happened but they find that everyone has become complacent and just accepts it. The story ends with them standing in a alley way, chugging down a bottle of vodka and putting a gun to their head. the last you read is the gunshot going off


very interesting story and I suspect somewhat relatable to many companies, like the character most people always have the best of intentions when starting a company but due to the nature of business and the world we live in it becomes its own entity and grows its self into something else entirely out of the control of its main intentions in order to compete and stay relevant while still providing for the shareholders. At this point it isn’t entirely in the control of the creator but they are still to blame for the direction the company has went to until it is too much to bare it.

(The Lazy) #9

A communication network based around the little hickups and day to day activities that people do as part of their lives. You could have Jane buy a extra loaf of bread at the local super mart to signal a cashier that X is going to happen.

You could even take a extra step and make actions represent data in like hexadecimal form. Paying with cash instead of debit could represent FF in a peice of information. This could allow communication between 2 parties without ever appearing as if you are.

Another example would be to have a specific car drive by a house. This allows you to trigger it remotely by having something like a delivery truck go deliver something like a auto part to a mechanic that lives near by.

Now i want to see the government try and solve that XD


Thats an interesting concept, so its like a real life communication platform based on actions. so say I was wearing green shoes and tapped by foot twice while walking past the post office it could convey a whole secret message from seemingly random events that almost on one else would ever know its happening. Would be interesting to see if the government caught wind of that and attempted to up surveillance to catch what people are doing to decipher the messages.

(The Lazy) #11

Doesnt even have to be irl. Could show in up in server logs because i visited site X but tech tends to leave much more of a paper trail

pretty much. could maybe go a bit more subtle by wearing standard shoes. The goal is too blend in to a unnoticeable amount

Its next to impossible though unless you know the code ahead of time. It appears to be standard day to day things


yep you could even get meta and send messages to people on the internet with specific words and times but they have an entirely different meaning in the grand scheme of things when linked to other events.

So the idea is not todo anything i wouldn’t already as to signal something but just doing normal things but instead in a specific place or time.

ye really just everyone going about their day to day lives with nothing special happening on the face of it.

(The Lazy) #13

yep. Just need todo enough that it appears to be part of the noise but sticks out in ways you already know ahead of time

(The Lazy) #14

Anybody got access to any data to find a correlation? Wanna see the relationship between technology usage and what mount/types of stuff millennials buy. Im guessing the correlation is from increased satisfaction. Tech in general provides cheap and reliable entertainment while providing a separation from the physical world.


Probably not only from entertainment but also from staying connected with friends/family and “the world”. Most kinds of modern entertainment and media consumption in general require a connection to the internet.
Watching movies/shows is done via streaming (Netflix, etc).
Listening to music too (Spotify, etc). Same with podcasts, even with an option for downloading instead of streaming, they initially require an internet connection.

So you need a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

The separation from the physical world goes hand in hand with convenience (sometimes also budget). Why carry 1 heavy book with you when you can have access to the worlds biggest libraries with one small device? Why go to the movies and spend a bunch of money per person when you can have your friends over and stream a movie (I mean, unless it’s a super new movie that just started in theaters).

Those are just my thoughts and the impression that I get, not actual collected data and statistics.


I don’t really have any data except maybe some of the stuff my sister/her friends/people i grow up with buy, in terms entertainment almost all of their media consumption is done exclusively on devices like Smartphones and Tablets with stuff like Youtube, Spotify, and Netflix and Social media, etc. They rarely if ever read books, papers or magazines or any other physical media predominately a lot of what is spend money on is digital media and services and things like cloths, jewellery and makeup.

I’m not sure where you could get better data on this. a lot them doing take part in many Facebook surveys and Quizes and stuff so maybe if you can get and correlate some of that data by shift through Social media you could get a much better picture of this. Amazon would definitely also have those numbers but I don’t know / think they’d publish any of it.

Honestly best bet of any public data source large enough for this is leaked market data from a retail chain but obviously there are issues with that.


Unlikely. That’s the kind of data companies pay good money for.

That’s also a pretty broad demographic when you take the definition from Wikipedia into account:

demographers and researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years

Those millennials are anywhere between 18 and 38 now. That’s people who are just graduating from high school up to having a job and a family to care for and anything in between.
It also doesn’t take into account where they live, what lifestyle they have, interests, budget, etc.

(The Drunken Dragon) #18

Not sure which source it was, but it said I’m the last year for millennials. Depends on source though, some say it goes up through 99.


@Dje4321 I just thought of a possible source for that data, although I can’t vouch for the accuracy: https://old.reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/

(The Lazy) #20

A little less subtle than i had theorized but still proves my point perfectly