Post what new thing you acquired recently

got bunch of n64 shiz since i got a second one locally at a thrift store, so far 3 super pad 64 controllers, 2 of the color ones(blue seethru) and a grey performance one, a memory pack, a tremor pack, and a power pack+(think has memory built in and the rumble with a switch to select which mode)

ordered a super pad with the 2 prong instead of 3 cause has good joystick, 2 more tremor packs, a memory expansion and a oem power supply that supposedly works but either way a regular one so i can replace the psu with a board some people make that uses like a laptop power supply to plug to that

also hogwarts game, some more weights idk

Diablo 3 - Sword of Justice (Hardcover Comic)

The Art of Diablo (Hardcover Art Book, duh)

The Art of Diablo Volume II (Hardcover Art Book, pre-order)

Diablo: Tales from the Horadric Library (Embossed Hardcover Short Story Collection, in German)

And I sent the Corsair Katar back and got a Logitech G305 instead.
The Steel Series Rival 3 is now at work (together with my Corsair K95 Platinum) and the Logitech G305 replaces the cheapo CSL wireless mouse on my laptop at home. The Corsair K100 is super comfy, btw (but hella expensive. good thing my new job pays well).

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Ordered some framed pictures from an online store that had 50% off on everything, so I saved quite a lot (especially on the one called Birth of the Nephalem which costs over 200€ by itself on the Blizzard Gear Store…and I paid even less than that for all three).

Diablo 4 Lilith (87 x 52 cm)

Diablo 4 Birth of the Nephalem (60,4 x 30 cm)

Diablo 4 Tree of Origins (55 x 34 cm)

Also ordered a new phone. Felt like it’s time for one that actually gets security updates and isn’t stuck in Feb 2021).

Google Pixel 7A

Spigen Tough Armor case
(Couldn’t care less about the little kick stand but it’s similar to my Tudia case that I have on my RP2 and that one is more rugged than the Spigen Liquid that I have for it too)

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Anker SoundCore Liberty 4 NC


Got them for different reasons:

  • The cable of my Tin T2 got in the way a lot.
  • Having to carry my Qudelix 5K in my pants pocket meant that there’s always the risk of something pressing against the audio jack or bend the cable where the cable bend protection ends. And I think either of those two made the sound on the left ear bud get lower in volume depending on how I was standing.

Things that are a concern to me with the TWS ear buds:

  • Losing any of the 3 parts (2x ear buds, 1x charging case) sucks and can even make them useless (like with a lost case → no charging).
  • Audio Quality was a concern for me and there is less treble and more bass but overall they’re actually pretty good.
  • Long-term battery life. Every time you put the ear pods in the case they’re being charged automatically. I’ll see how long it takes until the max capacity decreases.

The Adaptive Noise Cancelling is actually pretty good. And it’s also really nice that there’s no wire. I can walk through the whole apartment with my phone on my desk and the reception stays stable.

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bunch ‘retro’ game shiz ps2 games, the fmcb and a memory card flash cart, and a cable showin up eventually for hooking up my first party network adapter to use sata instead of ide(has like a back plane with ide on it thats just a ribbon cable to the main board part of the network adapter some people made up that ribbon cable to a back plane board with a ide to sata converter thing on it), couple blue lake controllers pretty good feels good like no flex or nothin just its shiny/little bit slippy but the shape works fine even if its sweaty, has nice texture on buttons and stuff atleast, but the sticks are a bit quick/goes full speed fast

n64 flash cart gonna take ages to come in cause ordered direct from mr ukraine to save like 45$ then go thru amazon for same thing

Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim (2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, 65W max.)

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Ordered some Blurays cause someone re-kindled my love for horror movies.



The Exorcist


Annabelle 1-3

The Conjuring 1-3

The Nun

And a band shirt

A13usaonutL.CLa 2140,2000 A1n28xTPpbL.png 0,0,2140,2000+0.0,0.0,2140.0,2000.0_AC_UX466

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i got all the bernstain bers for 15$ and all the tmnt(the original cartoon) for 30 and some stuff to work on motorcycle some engine paint(just needed enamel to fix a small chip on tank and was the closest color) some clear, couple bolts so i can get different mirrors on

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I got this 2.5 gigabit network switch (the one on the top) with 2 SFP+ 10G uplinks. it goes well with my other 7 network switches (I totally don’t have a problem)


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Phixero SSD enclosure for the MX500 500GB that my mom gave me after we decided it’s better to get her a new laptop instead of upgrading her old one.

For anyone curious about the speeds: looks fine to me. Certainly better than a thumb drive.

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That is about what I’d expect from the that SSD using SATA so not bad, though can we agree that the 6Gbps marked on the cable is just a blatant lie? there isn’t even a usb standard for that and it very much looks like a regular 3.1 gen1 cable.

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As long as I don’t get USB 2.0 speeds I’m fine with it.

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Danko Jones - Electric Sounds

The Curse of La Llorona

And some clothes…

Boss suit pants

Boss vest

Seidensticker shirt

Eterna red tie

Red Socks (Falke, Kashmir)
Simple black leather belt

Why? Cause the last time I had to wear something non-casual was at my school’s prom and that stuff doesn’t fit me anymore.
Company had its 50th anniversary and there was a dress code.
It was nice wearing that stuff cause it gave me a little self-esteem boost and the fabric felt good. But fuck those prices…RIP my wallet.

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Some more scary moving pictures (bought, ordered and pre-ordered).

Resident Evil - Welcome to Raccoon City

Final Destination 1-5

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Possession of Hannah Grace

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Chucky (7 Movie Collection, UK Import)

Scream (6 Movie Collection)

Friday the 13th (8 Movie Collection)

Nightmare on Elm Street (7 Movie Collection)

The Entity

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Un-Cut Triple Feature

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Unrated Version)

Evil Dead Rise

And some other but I’m too lazy to add them right now.

Update X:

“Some” more horror movies. To be honest, I’ve lost sight of what I posted here, so some might be missing.
In no particular order:

The Blackcoat’s Daughter



The VVitch

The Haunting

Rosemary’s Baby


Lake Bodom


The Wailing

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Part II

The Black Phone

Drag Me To Hell


Stephen King’s The Fog

The Possession



Terrifier 2

Bone Tomahawk


House on Haunted Hill

The Fog (John Carpenter)

Martyrs (the original)


Sinister 2
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got ahold of vice city stories so now i got all the gtas for ps2 and bully(like prep school gta also made by rockstar)

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I got a Fairphone 5 to replace my current phone after smashing the screen on it.

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pocket plank
found a piece of craft wood on floor ranodmly at work so i made a new version i call it pocket plank

also got a first model sega genesis, sonic 1-2 pinball, and ms pac man, 1 original 3 button controler and a repro 6 button. a nes(the crappy hinge cart slot og model) mario duckhunt, mario 2, mario 3, bubble bobble, metroid, tmnt 2, guantlet 2, iron sword and gyruss. and 2 nes controllers

also power adapters only av for nes, and the sega rf/to coax cable for 220 locally seemed okay since didnt have most of those games and pretty decent ones that like 20$ for few them. besides never had a genesis

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Latest batch of blurays.


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Some random books about a white haired dude with two swords who fucks a lot.


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got a random old tube pa gotta service eventually lol

is a traynor yvm-1 didnt look up serial yet but somethin like 1966~72 probably

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