Post what new thing you acquired recently

yes and no. Fedora doesn’t boot at all but I did manage to get my archlinux install kinda working with it but It has to be xorg and its using software rendering for the destkop becuase the mesa libs haven’t been updated for it as evidenced by my 1FPS in CSGO when i try and run it lol

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Almost ready for competitive.

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could have had a V4080

paid for one of them thermaltake xrays gotta wait forever for shipping tho

Tolino Epos 3 (aka the Kobo Sage for Germany/Austria with different software)

Plus a simple cover

Some info about this e-reader:

  • It’s essentially a Kobo Sage with different software (although also running on Android 8.1).
  • While they are the same in terms of hardware, the BT and Wifi a/ac are disabled (although rumor has it that the BT feature might be enabled with a future firmware update).
  • While the Kobo Sage can deal with a lot of different file formats, the Epos 3 only recognizes ePUB, PDF and TXT (although thanks for Calibre that’s not a problem.
  • 8" E Ink Carta 1200 display (300ppi, 1440 x 1920 pixel)
  • Allwinner B300 Quad Core CPU @1.8GHz
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB Storage (~26GB free)
  • 1200mAh Li-Po battery
  • Water-resistant IPX8
  • USB Type C
  • Frontlight with adjustable color temperature (warm - cold), Dark Mode (black/white inverted)

I wanted to read more again but my 4th Gen Kindle’s battery is not up for that anymore (I paid under 80€ back then). A new battery would’ve cost ~20€ (incl. shipping), so I did the rational thing and bought a new 280€ e-reader…
What can I say? I wanted to try a different brand and the Kindle Oasis just wasn’t it (while certainly very light, it looked fragile). On top of that, all current Kindle seem to have a display roulette going on where some have white dots (like a starry night sky) on dark background and I wasn’t feeling very lucky.
Went to the book store (Tolino is sold by Thalia Book & Media) and looked at a few…and ended up wanting the most expensive one.
So far my biggest gripe is the software since it’s basically the Kobo Sage but dumbed down. Other than that it’s very comfy. Sure, it’s much bigger than my - in comparison - tiny 6" Kindle but the increase in size and weight don’t impact the reading experience in a negative way.

Apparently the Tolino devices can be flashed with custom firmware. The sales guy told me that he had one customer come in with a Tolino e-reader just running stock Android (why? because he could). But I’ll wait until the 2y warranty is over until I even think about trying to flash other firmware on it.

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got muh sunbeam lighter thing lol

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Crucial MX500 500GB SSD

This one was initially supposed to go into my mom’s aging laptop with Windows 10 (hers is still on Win8.1).

But in the end we decided it was time for an all new laptop instead (Acer TravelMate Vero TMV15-51-51QA / i5-1155G7, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 15.6" FHD).
With no use for the new SSD she gave it to me as a thanks for setting up her new laptop.

Now I have to figure out what to do with it. The drive bays in my own desktop PC are getting full, so I might end up replacing either the 3TB HDD as it only has under 200GB of content on it. But not sure yet. I could also buy an enclosure and use it as an external drive.

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having proper SSDs as external drives is great. I have an enclosure but for a NVMe drive and use it over USB as a portable Linux boot drive on my Steamdeck or whatever computer I want to run Linux on.

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external would be pretty good size for transfer bunch of movies or something, bring over a show to binge watch somewhere etc. edit: also dont have to worry as much if you drop it or something for in transport

internal idk, scratch drive i guess or games but old games already load fast and new games are huge so wouldnt hold that many that would really need the speedup

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Already have one of those too. My old 250GB NVMe is in a Sabrent enclosure but I need to properly wipe it with gparted some day cause last time I plugged it into my PC with all the data still on it (Windows 10, drivers, software, etc) it caused my PC to blackscreen.

Nah, maybe replacing my 3TB HDD that only has under 200GB of files on it. Wanted to replace that one for some time but couldn’t justify buying another 8TB ext drive for shucking

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whys only 200gb using for temp storage on stuff you ripping or somethin?

Moleskine Pro Weekly Vertical Diary/Planner (DIN A5)

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook Hardcover Dotted Pacific Green (B5)


Some Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop XL

And a couple Schneider Take4

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Work doesn’t give out mechanical keyboards but IT said I’m welcome to bring my own. Wanted one with MX Brown switches but couldn’t find one that I liked. So I bought myself a new one with different switches for at home and I’ll use my current one at work (Corsair K95 Platinum).

New one: Corsair K100 (with Corsair OPX switches)

(and o-rings)

And while I could get a new mouse from IT (current ones are a wired Amazon Basics and a tiny wireless Logitech), my options are probably very limited. So I also bought my own…two actually cause I couldn’t decide which one would feel better ergonomically. One’s gonna be for work, one for at home.

SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless

Corsair Katar Pro Wireless

I’m also gonna bring a mouse mat and a wrist rest to work.

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got bunch of n64 shiz since i got a second one locally at a thrift store, so far 3 super pad 64 controllers, 2 of the color ones(blue seethru) and a grey performance one, a memory pack, a tremor pack, and a power pack+(think has memory built in and the rumble with a switch to select which mode)

ordered a super pad with the 2 prong instead of 3 cause has good joystick, 2 more tremor packs, a memory expansion and a oem power supply that supposedly works but either way a regular one so i can replace the psu with a board some people make that uses like a laptop power supply to plug to that

also hogwarts game, some more weights idk

Diablo 3 - Sword of Justice (Hardcover Comic)

The Art of Diablo (Hardcover Art Book, duh)

The Art of Diablo Volume II (Hardcover Art Book, pre-order)

Diablo: Tales from the Horadric Library (Embossed Hardcover Short Story Collection, in German)

And I sent the Corsair Katar back and got a Logitech G305 instead.
The Steel Series Rival 3 is now at work (together with my Corsair K95 Platinum) and the Logitech G305 replaces the cheapo CSL wireless mouse on my laptop at home. The Corsair K100 is super comfy, btw (but hella expensive. good thing my new job pays well).

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Braun BT7340

Good-bye, old hair clipper, you served me well (more imprecise than well, but you did your job).

Diablo - Sündenkrieg (Sin War), Vol.1

Vol. 2, 3 and some other stuff are on their way.

Edit on this post cause no more than 3 consecutive posts are allowed.

Gonna buy a headset tomorrow which raises the question how I want to connect it to my PC.
Front panel IO is out of question.
Back panel would be an option if the cable was long enough (spoiler: it isn’t).

My current DAC/Amp (SMSL M3) doesn’t have a mic in, so I ordered a cheap one that has all the connections I need.

Fosi Audio K5 Pro

And the headset I’m gonna buy is either the Austrian Audio PG16 or PB17. Afaik, the only difference between those two are the color and the adapter they come with (PG16 → TRRS 3.5mm splitter / PB17 → TRRS 3.5mm to USB).

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My Earstudio ES100 Mk2 acted up on my way to work yesterday (basically refused to stay turned on for a couple of tries). So I figured it’s probably time for an upgrade.

Ordered the Qudelix 5K.

And also an upgrade to my trusty Tinhifi Tin T2.

Tinhifi Tin T4 Plus

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got the huion 13 pro 2.5k whatever pretty sweet besides didnt come with a power supply(uses a phone one), and the cable is weird/setup kinda annoying, has hdmi, power and usb which cant be avoided really

but its a weird cable end on the tablet bit, has like 2 usb c cables as a big molded thing, or you can use 2 separate ones, is just a big blocky thing that could be slimmed down, otherwise pretty good, windows found drivers before even installed specific ones, pretty decent stand/accessories in general like donut holder thing that holds 10nibs(came with 5 felt and 5 the regular plastic besides the plastic in the pen), a metal thing to remove the nibs, came with extra cables to do the separate 2 cable method instead of the 3 cable combo thing, feels good quality came with the velcro zip tie things, a drawring glove( is like goes from wrist to cover ring and pinkie so you dont get skin oils on screen as bad if that matters to you)

screen good colors and stuff is proper high res and nothin seems weird

a second practice thing tried workin on a thing for an online friend, was going for like a bombergirl but in style of like a 40~50s comic book with enhanced assets

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Update: I’m sending the T4 Plus back. Didn’t like how they sound. Tried different genres, different volume levels, with and without EQ, different ear tips (silicone, silicone with foam core, foam). I guess they’re just not for me.

So they’re going back and I ordered another pair of Tin T2 instead (plus more foam ear tips and a pouch from Linsoul).


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Some Ghost Band shirts.


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