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Post what new thing you acquired recently


Fairly straightforward thread, of what you have recently acquired. I’ll start off with the Battleship keyboard I just got, its pretty nice.


The io controller on my laptop broke so ordered these replacements from China. Will attempt the repair soon after I get a hold of a soldering iron and some other stuff.


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A life :smiley:


neat. is always good to have one of those handy :smiley:


I imported this from the United Kingdom cause this version is never coming out in the US:

Haven’t read it yet but it is a very nice hardback.


I posted this on the L1 forums so a lot of y’all might have seen it already but I’ll post it here because reasons. I’m selling off most of my machines in a move to a Thinkpad X1 Carbon. Because Thunderbolt 3 is going to be amazing.


RISE, DEAD THREAD! By the power of threadcromancy, RISE!

I don’t think it’s necessary to close this one and start anew, or is it?

I’ll be sending the K702 I just got back and ordered the K712 Pro.
“But is it worth spending ~50€ more? They look the almost the same.”
Well, yes. At least to me they might be worth the upgrade.

Little more emphasis on the lows, a little less pronounced on the highs are - at least judging by how my K702 sound - exactly what I want.
In addition to that, the better headband (actual leather instead of stiff…well, whatever the K702 use) and memory foam earpads. Yup, they improve the right things.

Too bad they won’t arrive before Thursday…


Nope your fine.

Since you unleashed the power of threadcromancy might as well get things going again. I just got a Nintendo Switch recently.



Totally didn’t forget this was a thing lol
Most of my new stuff is in the mech keyboard thread, lounge or some of the other new threads oops


sherlock holmes ost
sherlock holmes agos ost
hannibal ost

Got all 3 for 15€ (together, not each) cause Amazon is having a sale.
CDs should arrive on Tuesday but even the mp3s from Amazon (that AutoRip thing where you can download the mp3 files before you even get the CD) sound great. I guess that’s soundtracks from people who know what they’re doing.


Got some flashlights as a backup. Weren’t expensive and the micro-USB cables from that brand are okay.
Only thing that annoys me is that they have different modes (bright, dimmed, strobe). You press the button fully to turn it on/off and kinda of a half-press to switch between modes. The problem with that is that when you turn it on it will be in the next mode (turned it off on bright, next time it will start at dimmed). It doesn’t reset to bright as default.

Also got Django Unchained and The Hateful 8 on Bluray.

And then there’s the sad story of my headphones:
returned for K702 but cheaper
returned and got the K712
returned and replaced cause were already open and used
returned and replaced cause were already open and used and coiled cord didn’t really fit into socket on headphones
returned and replaced cause were already open and used and something inside rattled like it was broken off
returned and refunded cause were actually sealed in plastic but the cable port was hanging out of the headphones
bought somewhere else but sent in cause right side got quieter and quieter until no sound on that side
now I have to wait

Also got the SMSL M3 DAC/amp.


Just ordered a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 SR (successor of the HD 598 non-SR, those beige/brown ones) for 105€ (listed on Sennheiser’s website for $250/230€, $140 on Amazon US).
Cheaper than Beyerdynamic DT 770/880/990 and aren’t heavy on treble like them. Also cheaper than ATH-AD500X/700X/900X and should have bass.

Kinda losing hope for my K712 the longer I have to wait…

Also, they’re supposed to be popular for gaming. What I’m a bit disappointed to see is that they changed the headband padding (afaik it was replaceable on the OG HD 598 and HD 598 SE).

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I acquired my PTIN number, NY Tax Preparer Certificate of Registration, and NYTPRIN number which allow me to do Federal and most states Income tax returns for compensation for 2018. :moneybag:

And I found we already own an accounting program bundled with our main tax preparation software, which allows us to do payroll, quarterlies, etc. Meaning our other program is pointless. So that saves us roughly $500 a year :+1:



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After explaining to her that currently we’re spending $2,400/year on just her toner and if she were to switch over to another printer that we could cut annual costs of her toner down to roughly $200 (the same price as 1 of her cartridges for the hp whatever) she decided to finally take my advice and get a new printer.


A brother MFC-L5800DW. A bit overkill, but at only $310 when the most basic printer with the same cartridge is $190 you can’t really argue. Plus it saves us on inkjet ink because now she can make copies of things with the toner.


This 24000mAh power bank. Its HUGE, heavy and bulky and I like it. I got it because phone keeps running out of battery when I’m out of the house plus I’m going on a long journey near the end of February and should keep my phone going although I suspect my family will end up stealing it from me.






All 3 together for 15€ on Amazon.


Cooling fan for my N5010 i3 laptop. Hoping it will fix the overheating issues it has and I’ll have a laptop i can use again.

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Just ordered this guy for down here at work: