Post what new thing you acquired recently

Der Bleistift. (masculine)
But I don’t know if that’s still appropriate.

was a dumb language joke lol, whole der die das whatever

kinda eyeing the gpd micro idk, as like a portable media server, i mean they got stick computers would be an option but it is fairly compact, and has ports, so i could do like usb kb/mouse remote thing, and plug in a external drive, with built in kb/mouse screen and what not to be able to diagnose/set stuff up ahead of time, surf web or something while stuff plays on other monitor maybe

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Got a DAC to plug in my IEM into the Iphone for when I listen to Audiobooks/Podcast. Also if I got back to Android I can also use it with that.


ended up doin da gpd thingie, wasnt findin any cheaper box ones that had 265(meaningfully cheaper if i had to get a separate portable monitor etc drives up cost)

the other 300$ thing was pretty good option but found gpd for not that much more rather pay like 60$ more to get better form factor ands more io

keyboard kinda cool like the cap shapes(pretty sure just dome or whatever not looked particularly) has that slightly angle like regular non chiclet style kb used to have only one weird is the space bar has like 2 switches one at each end so if you click the middle can feel them both go usually at not the same time and feels weird like double click feel, but it does register as just one press, but those feel different anyways alot of the time like extra spring or whatever cause huge keycap compared to the regular keys

just them couple little things to get screen rotation and stuff(treated as like phone screen thats 720x1280 tall so gotta rotate right 90 degrees if its not doin it automatically)

otherwise only thing was cable it came with was eh for the usbc-usbc charge had to get a new one was like if it was in right position would work but tried with like phone charger and worked fine even if wiggled cable around never lost connection, but one them direct from over sea deals where the vendor just swaps in a charger or whatever for your region so not expecting the best setup for that

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Got some new shows. Was looking for new winter boots but the options were…meh. Store had 20% off on all shoes (except already discounted ones) and these fit well.

Skechers…don’t ask me what model. They seem to be exclusive to the Deichmann shoe stores as I couldn’t find anything about them. SN doesn’t bring up anything. All I know is they’re supposed to be machine washable, have memory form inner soles and Goodyear outer soles. Need to see how they fare long term but they’re light and comfy.


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Some Audio CDs

Danko Jones - Power Trio

edit: cancelled that one cause I found a limited fan pack which includes a tshirt.

Danko Jones - Wild Cat

Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme

Danko Jones - Below the Belt

Danko Jones - Never too loud

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Geekria HD 598 (and various other models) Velour ear pads.

While cheap (~16€) they feel terrible, so I’m sending them back. The velvet ones seem to be less comfy and smaller than the originals too, so not really an option (especially if the originals only cost a little bit more).
Unfortunately Sennheiser doesn’t seem to have any ear pads in stock right now and the black ones for my HD 598sr aren’t available at all anymore. Contacted their support to see if there are alternatives.


that sucks, got a wet ass peggy sticker to put on my gpd lol


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Rammstein Singles (Zeit, Angst and Adieu)