Post what new thing you acquired recently

having proper SSDs as external drives is great. I have an enclosure but for a NVMe drive and use it over USB as a portable Linux boot drive on my Steamdeck or whatever computer I want to run Linux on.

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external would be pretty good size for transfer bunch of movies or something, bring over a show to binge watch somewhere etc. edit: also dont have to worry as much if you drop it or something for in transport

internal idk, scratch drive i guess or games but old games already load fast and new games are huge so wouldnt hold that many that would really need the speedup

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Already have one of those too. My old 250GB NVMe is in a Sabrent enclosure but I need to properly wipe it with gparted some day cause last time I plugged it into my PC with all the data still on it (Windows 10, drivers, software, etc) it caused my PC to blackscreen.

Nah, maybe replacing my 3TB HDD that only has under 200GB of files on it. Wanted to replace that one for some time but couldn’t justify buying another 8TB ext drive for shucking

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whys only 200gb using for temp storage on stuff you ripping or somethin?

Moleskine Pro Weekly Vertical Diary/Planner (DIN A5)

Leuchtturm1917 Notebook Hardcover Dotted Pacific Green (B5)


Some Leuchtturm1917 Pen Loop XL

And a couple Schneider Take4

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