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Post your Desktop setup

(Chris) #21

Interesting! That’s pretty awesome.

I need to jump on the NextCloud bandwagon. I’ve setup NextCloud and OwnCloud, but after I set them up, I don’t even use them and end up deleting the VM :sweat_smile:

Lately, though, I’ve wanted some sort of decent file share solution.

How’s CentOS treating you? I opted for Debian over CentOS because old habits and nostalgia. I used CentOS for YEARS, technically I still do at work (Amazon Linux 2). But I love me some Debian goodness. I have a laptop with Solus on it, but my battlestation is Debian :wink:


I was in a similar situation as I had ownCloud on my old Ubuntu server before I moved to CentOS and didn’t set it up again for the longest time but now that I do I can’t live without it, I have it setup in a docker container which is a breeze to manage and it syncs everything between my desktop, laptop and phone, even have it pointing to my target directory for when I compile LineageOS and it pushes to my phone and can flash the new image in seconds its great :smiley:

CentOS is been running very well for me, the reason I went for it is because Fedora is my Linux of choice so it being rhel based is very familiar to me while also having a longer support cycle. I can’t really fault it other than sometimes having slightly outdated packages can be a problem for doing some of the things I want to with libvert/qemu which is very hit or miss on CentOS.

(The Lazy) #23

So thats why your server corner looks like :smiley:

I still need to get something like that setup


yep, it might not be pretty but it gets the job done. I do want sort it out properly some time in the future so it doesn’t look so much like a fire hazard and my mother getting on at me how ugly it looks. fun thing is that its always a talking point when we have people over wondering what the hell it is doing XD

ye having a remote central system for storage is just too convenient, even if its a small machine running a couple of services it helps to save soo much time.

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Niiice, that’s awesome. I have SonarQube setup in Docker and I can’t imagine doing it any different lol.


Current setup [Note I had to redact my Coffee Cup from Work cause it has the work logo on there. Also I don’t drink coffee. So I brought it home to use as a pen holder.]:

The Small desk is the dedicated book writing space. Yeah it is technical separate from the desktop but I do plan to put a raspberry pi desktop there.


The 2nd monitor definitely needs a wallpaper that fits its orientation.
Where’s the 2nd speaker?


Behind the 2nd monitor. As for the wallpaper. It is set to rotate every 30 minutes from wallpaper that is 2560x1440. Also I’m just using the windows wallpaper manager system.


So I take it you usually use your headphones or how does that affect the sound?



When I just use the speakers. The Sound sounds normal. I do have to have it turned higher versus when I listen by headphones but that would be the case regardless.

When I get a third monitor again the other speaker will also be behind a monitor. I don’t have one that is behind a monitor right behind a monitor. It is about 4 inches behind it and still point at where I sit.


Cheap custom mount and put them in a horizontal way under your main monitor?
While it’s kind of a no-no under audiophile to lay speakers on their sides, I used my last ones that way for years and never had any issues with the sound.


i’d post my deskptop setup but between the 5 PCs and random xbox, among a wide variety of other things crammed into my tiny room it’s just a little messy lol.
though if anyone really wants to see it i could clean a bit and take some photos but still :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ditto, you guys saw my rats nest pig sty AKA temporary networking closet :smile:

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I need to take a picture of my setup. Is a mess but its my mess XD


yeahhh i don’t even do servers and i have more cables around rofl.



uncleaned desk (yes needs work, ikik lol)

other side of room.

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That’s a lot of Ryzen!

That what they’re all running?

(The Lazy) #39

Considering this is the official AMD shill. Yes


Some yes; dual PC (well… Now like 3 PC plus a random Xbox for Forza among a couple others) is a 1800X build, a 2700X build, and a 2400G build.

Other rigs are a random FX 8370 system I’ve had for ages, only reason I keep it still is because it has the 990FX Sabertooth R3 so.
And a number of old Core 2 quads or etc randomly around.

They burned that bridge for me a while ago lol, not to mention I poured gas on the fire with the one reddit thread xD