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Post your Desktop setup

(Chris) #41

Juicy af. That’s a pretty cool setup you got there.

Lmao :rofl:

What burned the bridge @Cavemanthe0ne? I was disheartened in the new RX series GPUs (400 and 500). I loved the 5XXX and 6XXX series. After that, though, I started to think they lost the competitive edge.


Basically AMD killed their own Red Team Plus program by idiocy and lack of support lol. When youtubers critized it that was pretty much what ending up being the last thing.
Then I did this and yeah.

Now I’ll never work with them again… Not that I won’t buy things from AMD because value but I won’t do any work with or for them ever again.
Also I learned a lot about how marketing really works from all that so is why I basically never do any lol.

(Chris) #43

Wow, what a total cluster. Sorry to hear that, man. I’m glad you still support the brand, although it is in other ways.

It’s a damn shame it turned out that way for you, though. I never understand the rampant fanboyism stuff like that, but both sides seem really cult like (the communities). Although, I notice that AMD seems to get a lot more leniency on matters like this.

Crazy stuff. Was it at least a good experience being deeply rooted in a community like that?


Made some friends and whatnot (none of whom work at AMD or did work there lol) but otherwise meh? Have left most of the places I joined thst were AMD related so is whatever.
This place is now the only one I’m active in really so yeah.
That and occasionally twitter. Lol.



Cables are a mess. When I mounted the monitors on the arms I thought about replacing the left monitor, so I just left the cables as they are. Now I regret it cause I’ll probably keep the monitor until it dies. The monitor arms have channels for routing the cables through which would clean up the mess quite a bit.

(Chris) #46

TFW you give your “extra” monitor to your wife and things get crazy at work… It wouldn’t have been enough, anyway :expressionless:


(The Lazy) #47

Slaps epeen on table

Ive got 2 macs and a triple monitor setup XD

(The Lazy) #48

Fine. I guess its my turn


Nice glassware and somebody likes Mountain Dew XD

(The Lazy) #50

Thats probably about 2-3 days worth. Ive slowed down alot compared to bfore. Just not thrown them away yet because they got liquid in them still

(The Drunken Dragon) #51

tfw you look over and see the empty 6 pack you bought yesterday and drank last night

(The Lazy) #52

I mostly drink it when im stoned because its tastes good

(Chris) #53

Lmfao wasn’t my intention :rofl:

Was trying to illustrate how desperate the situation was

To be fair, one of those Macs is from my job lol


Nobody should be forced to use a Mac. This should be added to the human rights!

[spoiler] :stuck_out_tongue: [/spoiler]


Slight update to the showcase/shelf thing.

Also the other wall of old things.

Cleaning rest of setup yet. Might post pics later. Might not lol.


Cleaned and whatnot. Also the magic speaker box, connected with digital audio to the PC for dat audio quality.


I suppose I should do a full setup pic:


updated my background thing a tiny bit, more organization for reasons:



(The Lazy) #59

damn that keyboard is high


My keyboard needs to be high with the amount of shit it put it through XD