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Post your Desktop setup


Even with the little feet out I find it too flat.
The bottom back of the board is ~4cm elevated.


updated a little bit/also cleaned


just realized that I haven’t done a full setup pic in … a while, just photos of either side of it lol.
rig itself didnt change much from above pic so.


cleaned, also broke out the Model F again because reasons.





(Jesse) #67

Surprised @Dynamic_Gravity hasnt posted his setup here, it changes every other month kek


Might as well post it here too, my network/server setup after the maintainace.


And not terrible cable management too XD


Name Change and Administration Update

Does your Ubiquiti AP also get hot in one spot on the back?

On topic: the monitor update. Only need to swap the DVI-D cable for the HDMI cable that’s on its way.



Yep iirc that is where the SoC is on the unit and its normal for them to run quite hot so i wouldn’t worry about it too much.

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I don’t think my neckbeard nest would fit this category, I guess it gives me a reason to clean my room though.


We don’t mind mess, can’t be much worse than some of ours anyway XD


this, or when i dont feel like hooking up the keyboard just the laptop.

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The macbook was doing a clone of one drive to another in my mac pro so it could actually boot. Have yet to clone the data drives and slam them all back in the other mac pro yet.

This’ll live here doing archive work.

Dev rack hooked up to tv. Pardon the big of mess, I’m still organizing in here. Gunna pull the athlon machine out and replace it with the other mac.

Hi how are ya.

LOL brb beating my phone with a pipe


go the desktop updated ish, for some reason though it doesnt like the windows key it has cuz idk microsoft lol. in any case, here is my setup for now.

will probably be getting a 1080 or whatever in a bit. maybe an RTX “super” if i feel like it lol. not sure.